How to Improve Character Rating Dragon Raja

How to raise the character rating in the Dragon Raja world

Improve Character Rating Dragon Raja

Combat Power or CP in the Dragon Raja world is known as Rating. The term rating is used as a benchmark for how strong your character is and as a deciding factor in winning PvP. Rating also determines which dungeons or events you can access.

Here's how to raise the character rating in the Dragon Raja world:

Level up

Improve Character Rating Dragon Raja

One way you can do to increase character rating is to level up. You can do the main story or play the quest to get EXP. Also do side quests and answer the quiz questions that appear to get EXP faster!


Improve Character Rating Dragon Raja

In addition to raising the level, you can attach gear or equipment to the character. You can find the strongest gear offered in the game by completing quests or participating in events. When you get a better new gear, immediately replace your old gear and make sure you do the transfer process stat from the old gear to the new gear!

Skill & Talent

The skills you upgrade will help increase the character rating points you have. In addition, you can also use Talent to change the desired character role, for example from Tank to Healer and so on. Talent will also help raise the acquisition of character ratings.


Mounting in the world of Dragon Raja has its own uniqueness. You can use a Mount or a vehicle that can be ridden starting from the motorbike, Glider, Hoverboard, soft couch that can fly to the horse! Besides being able to help you to explore the Dragon Raja world faster, mount can also increase your character's rating.

Mounts can also be modified in such a way as available parts and you can even upgrade them even further to increase the stat of the Mount in question.


Ally is another unique feature offered by Dragon Raja. Here you can summon Ally characters consisting of several different ranks (marked with stars, the more stars there are, the rarer the Ally is concerned). Ally will help your character by adding stats and also ultimate skills.

Currently you can have up to a total of 46 Ally but only 5 Ally can be installed at a time. You can raise their level even further to increase rating. Giving them prizes or getting new gear also adds to the overall rating.

To take full advantage of using Ally, you can place them to carry out Bounty quests in the desired time span. When they return, Ally will give various rewards such as EXP, Gear, Gem and others.


There are a total of four Gem elements that you need to know in the Dragon Raja world namely Fire, Water, Earth and Wind. These four elements can be rated with different stat according to the choice you want. The greater the level of Gem you have, the greater the number of contribution points for your character's rating.