How to Get Equipment and Transferring Equipment Attributes

How to Get Equipment in Dragon Raja

How to Get Equipment in Dragon Raja

Your equipment needs to be updated as you Level Up since the stats should match your current level. Aside from getting equipment from the main story line, there are other methods of obtaining items to help you out.

  • Obtain Custom Made Boxes

Custom Made Boxes provide you with random equipment that checks your current level. This way, you’ll be able to gear suitable for you and you won’t get lower leveled gear. You can get Custom Made Boxes by completing the following:
  1. Participate in Ace Trip event. 
  2. Obtain 120 Activity Points and claim Activity Chest

  • Obtain Gear from Events

Aside from your regular equipment, there are other items called Gears which provide you with bonus effects on top of your current equipment. In order to check where to obtain them, press the UP button form the main menu.

From there, scroll to the right until you see the Gear tab. You will then see the listed events that can provide you with gear. You can press the Go Now button to bring you to the proper section.

Gear icons are represented with a red and grey sword, you can check the rewards list and confirming if the event you're checking has gear drops. View other ongoing events as well since there are limited time events that provide gear.

How to Transfer Equipment Attributes to Another in Dragon Raja

Transferring Equipment Attributes in Dragon Raja

You can transfer specific attributes from a lower leveled Gear to a higher leveled one. Once you have transferred the attributes that you want, you can then dismantle your old gear for Gold.

In order to transfer attributes, you must currently wear equipment that are higher leveled that your old items. Usually, when you obtain higher leveled equipment, you equip them right away. You’ll have to access your inventory first by pressing the Bag icon beside the + icon.

From there, you will see your Equipment in your inventory. Press and equipment that has the word “Trans” in it. This means that there is some equipment that you can transfer attributes to.

A comparison of your Equipment will be displayed. The one you’re currently equipping is on the left side, while the old one you have is on the right. The attributes that you can transfer are the Random Stats. Press the “Trans” button to begin.

The Stats Transfer page will be shown. You can only transfer stats that has a circle beside it, so press that and then use the “Trans” button to confirm.

Once all transferable stats have been moved, your item can then be dismantled in exchange for Gold. Take not all stats can be transferred. You are also limited to which stats you can choose so you can swap stats as well.