Dragon Raja Guide: The Brain Quiz

Question and Answer Quiz: The Brain - Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja Guide: The Brain Quiz

The Brain Quiz is almost similar to the Salon of Wisdom quiz where you will be faced with several questions that must be answered (there are also some of the same questions). If you can answer the quiz questions correctly, you will get a variety of rewards such as EXP, Gold and items that you can share with friends.

Here is a complete list of questions and answers to The Brain quiz:

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  • In China, the month of Chrysanthemum refers to ...

  • How do you receive Zone Gifts placed by your friends?
To their moments

  • What should you do when self-proclaimed staff asked for your account?

  • How many times can you perform Aerial Dash at full Endurance?

  • Which is one of Mai Sakatoku’s swords?

  • How many Sigils can the player study?

  • What benefit will a pet get when it evolves?
All of the above

  • When he gets into college, Finger Von Frings is ...
Grade A

  • What should you do when receiving harassing messages?
Add to blacklist

  • Which is the longest river in Europe?

  • Which writer was not French?

  • Through what do their dandelions spread?

  • Which type of Stress-relief Orders do your teammates need to receive so that you can get Assisting rewards?
Defeating monsters

  • What year was the Nobel price in literature awarded for the first time?

  • How do you earn rewards more efficiently at EVA’s Assisted Training Center?
Team up

  • Which is not a professor at Cassell College?
Koshi Uesugi

  • Middens are historical remains of ...
Domestic waste

  • What is not shown in other players' profiles?
Zodiac Sign

  • What is the maximum number of mails systems you can receive?

  • In Norse mythology, Heimdallr was hailed as ...
Guardian of Gods

  • Which career action can get you diamonds?
Cooking & making products

  • Where can you check your PvP points?

  • What type of living things has the largest population in the ocean?

  • Which statement about Reserve HP is correct?
Restores HP slowly the instance you leave combat

  • Which power does the Disciplinarian in a club have?
Ban from posting

  • Which description of EVA’s Assisted Training Center is wrong?
Infinite rewards

  • Which cheating code does Luminous use to bid for Seven Deadly Sins in the auction?
Show me the money

  • How do you climb a wall while dashing?
Keep pushing the joystick while dashing

  • Who wrote "A real poet suffers involuntarily as he himself burns and he burns others"?

  • What did Tagore win the Nobel Prize in Literature for?

  • Which power word can cut through all unauthorized living things in an area?

  • What item can unlock outfit color blocks?
Paint card

  • The world smallest country is ...

  • The world largest plain is ...
Amazon plain

  • Which waterway connect pacific and Indian ocean?
Strait of Malacca

  • The world's largest land-locked country is ...

  • Which is the largest island in Europe?
Great Britain

  • The world's largest coffee producer is ...

  • The hydra dragon is passed down from ...
Lich King

  • Which type of Allies can convert their stats into the player’s stats?

  • How do you initiate "Hug Me" when riding?
All of the above

  • Which statement about the extra rewards that team leaders can get is correct?
All of the above

  • What decides the rewards do you gain when teaming up with other players at the most daily events?
Player’s level

  • Which power does the News Editor in a club have?
Write club status

  • Which power does the Recruitment Director in a club have?
Create & post recruitment ads

  • The novel "Madame Bovary" was written by ...

  • If someone told you that you won a prize and needed your personal details, you should ...
Not give them

  • Who is the founder of Cassell College?

  • In the history of philosophy, who said "Man is the measure of all things"?

  • Who is the prototype of poker Q?

  • The world’s first postage stamp was made in ...

  • Who is dubbed as the ancestor of dragons and created the Four Lords?

  • How do you let an Ally assist you in battle?
Set as Main Battle Partner

  • How many Allies can you set as Main Battle Partners?

  • Which panel allows you to access your mailbox?

  • What is the maximum number of pets you can add to a Pet Squad to help you fight?

  • How do you appoint a new leader?
Tap "T" at the top right corner, then transfer

  • In Greek mythology, she is called a banshee who turns into a stone when she looks at?