Dragon Raja Gold Tale Guide

Dragon Raja Gold Tale Guide and Walkthrough

Dragon Raja Gold Tale Guide

As you know, you can collect many Tales in the Dragon Raja game and these tales are divided into three categories: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Bronze is the easiest and fastest tale to finish, while Gold is the hardest and longest tale to finish. Even some of the Gold tales need 2 days to finish. In the other section, we have discussed the Bronze and Gold tale, and in this section, we will give you the Dragon Raja gold tale guide.

Years Rubbing Shoulder (Server LV 90)

  • Go to Tokyo (515.334) find a blinking spot, check on it and a letter will appear 
  • Talk to NPC near there (498.338), and finish the conversation. 
  • Go to (470.485) talk to NPC Ramen there 
  • Go to (530,441) a hand sign will appear, check the location there and you will find a letter. 
  • Find two wooden boxes near there (532.435) and (519.435), check them. 
  • Go to (352. 524). You will an NPC there, talk to her and you will get a letter. 
  • Still around that area, turn on the vision and an entrance to the Nibelungen will appear (355.524). Enter the Nibelungen. 
  • Inside the Nibelungen, talk to the NPC little girl and then follow her, for the next conversation. (692.690). talk to her again, and you will get a letter. 
  • After talking to the girl, you need to find an NPC here. Go to (669.663), talk to the NPC and finish the conversation. 
  • After you finish the conversation, you will be brought back to Tokyo again. Talk to NPC there, and finish the scene here. 
  • In the next steps, you have to visit three places. Two places are in Tokyo, and another one is in Chizuru. When you reach the locations, there should be an NPC little girl around there. 
  • The first place is in Tokyo (536.497). Go to the location on a rainy day, turn on the vision and a hand sign will appear. Tap the hand, and a message from someone will appear. Wait until the message finish, then go to the second location. 
  • The second place is still in Tokyo (497. 581) and it should also be on a rainy day. Turn on the vision, and check the location. There will be another message from someone appears. 
  • The third place is in Chizuru. Go to (144.145), turn on the vision, check the location, and another message will appear. After the first message finish, wait for a while and another message will appear. 
  • Back to Tokyo, and visit this coordinate (352.524), then turn on the vision to see the entrance of the Nibelungen. 
  • Enter the Nibelungen, then find the NPC from the quest before (669.663). Talk to him, then take him to see the little girl (706.634). 
  • Finish the conversation here (You can choose any option), to complete the tale

Small Town

(Note: Server LV 85, Personal LV 80)
  • Go to Tokyo (351,221) at 2 p.m and pick up the newspaper there 
  • Go to Ehime Prefecture (250,255) on a CLOUDY day to talk to NPC Masako. Finish the conversation here. 
  • Go to (251,265) on a sunny day between 1-2 p.m to see Masako again. Talk to NPC Hoodlum, then save Masako. Finish the conversation here. 
  • Find Masako in front of her house (254,215), talk to her, then get inside her house. 
  • Talk to Masako, explore the house: Book on the table (12,14), Trash Bin (17,18) and book on the floor (17,3), then finish the mini-game. 
  • After you finish the exploration and the mini-games, NPC Masako’s mother will appear. Talk to her. 
  • Leave the room, then talk to Masako in front of the house. Finish the conversation here. 
  • Go to Basketball Court in Chizuru, talk to NPC Tatsuya Nakamura, then shoot the ball. After you shoot the ball, an exclamation mark will appear on the NPC Tatsuya Nakamura Finish the conversation with the NPC. 
  • Back to Masako’s house (254,215) and you will meet Masako’s mother in front of the house. Listen to her.
  • Then talk to Masako at (273,252). Finish the conversation here. 
  • Go to the beach (315,255) and you will see two girls are having a conversation. Listen and wait until the conversation finished. 
  • Back to Masako’s house again (254,215), talk to her and after that, you have to wait for the next day (daily reset). 
  • Go to Ehime Prefecture (258,202) on a rainy day to talk to Masako. 
  • After that go to Tokyo (179,339) at 3 pm – 11 pm and talk to NPC 
  • Go to Funfair (388,205) then talk to the staff on a clear weather 
  • Go back to Ehime Prefecture (258,202) to see Masako again. Talk to her, then an NPC Masako’s Dad will appear, talk to him. 
  • Find the dog’s trace (192,322), (183,315), (203,337). After you check all location, Jiro will appear at (168,315), check its body (click on the blinking spot) 
  • Go back to Masako’s house (254,215) talk to her to complete the tale.

Night of the Asao Fish

Note: (Server LV 85, Personal LV 80)
  • Go to Tokyo (539,281), talk to NPC there. 
  • Find a book on the table, open it. 
  • Talk to NPC, complete the mini-game. (Pass all lights, with no more than 4 errors) 
  • Talk to NPC Young man behind you (rotate the camera). Finish the conversation here (any answer will trigger the quest) 
  • Click the quest tracker, and it will automatically bring you to the next scene. 
  • Find an NPC that wearing a black suit and glasses near there (464,415) then talk to him. Choose “your son’s looking for you”. After that, you can choose any answer to the next questions. 
  • Finish the scene here by talking to the NPCs, and defeating the thugs. After you talk to the little boy (white shirt), wait for a while until two NPCs appear, then talk to them. Any answer will trigger the next quest. 
  • Find a telephone booth near there. (461,425) 
  • On top of the telephone booth, you can find a telephone book with some numbers on it. 
  • Access the telephone booth, dial freely, and dial the detective number (4536251) 
  • An NPC Masaki Suda will appear and give you some clues to his location. 
  • You can try to follow the clues to reach the location, or you can just go to Detective Agency Office (361,452) 
  • Talk to the NPC detective there then choose “Agree”. 
  • Interact with triangle sign near the table, then finish the mini-game. (After you finish the scene here, you’ll have a Clue Wall feature inside the Tale menu. You can access it by clicking the “Q” letter beside the quest, select Tale, go to the next page, choose a Tale with a fish icon, then click the Clue Wall. 
  • Leave the room then go to 533,293 to get another clue. 
  • Find NPC Tramp (standing near the vending machine) then observe all of his body. 
  • Find a tree near there (545,286) then investigate the Soil. (Soil icon will appear when you get near the tree. Click on it) 
  • Investigate the mud on the table. (Click on the mud) 
  • Open your Clue Wall (click the “Q” letter beside the quest, select Tale, go to next page, choose a Tale with fish icon, then click the Clue Wall) 
  • Drag and drop the Suspect and the clues to the wall then connect the Suspect to all of the clues (Click the pin). The Suspect and the Clues should be correctly connected. (Look at the picture below) 
  • Confirm the evidence, and a new Suspect will appear. 
  • Go to Detective Agency again (361,452), access the telephone booth, dial freely then dial 4536262. 
  • An NPC “Stranger” will appear. Finish the conversation with him, then go to the desk around there. 
  • Open the book on the table, then access the computer. When you access the computer, choose “enter command”, then enter “intercept4536252”. You will get the location of the stranger 
  • Go to the Stranger’s house (430,410), enter the house. (It is dark inside, you can turn on the vision to see the house more clearly) 
  • Talk to NPC Stranger and NPC Young Man. Find a clock (on the wall, above the television) then click on it. 
  • Go outside the house, then find NPC Shopkeeper near the house (436,387) to get another clue. 
  • Go to the restaurant (539,281) again and find the same clock symbol on the table. Check the clock.
Note: The next steps are very important. Pay attention.
  • Open your Clue Wall, then connect these two clues to get two new clues. 
  • Connect: The restaurant has been moved minutes” with “The restaurant 10 o’clock”. You will get a clue: “And the Restaurant was actually hit at 10:15”. 
  • After that connect: “Stranger’s clock has been moved minutes” with “Boy: The stranger was in convenience store from 10:20 to 10:30”. You will get a clue: “So the stranger actually left his house between 10:10 and 10:20”. 
  • Connect the Stranger to the rest of the clues then Confirm Evidence. 
  • Go to the Stranger’s house (430,410), talk to him then finish the scene here. 
  • Back to the restaurant (539,281), talk to NPC there, Check the newspaper (you can click the quest tracker so you can find the newspaper easier), talk to NPC again, help him, and the tale is completed.

Rainy Night

Note: You can only do this tale on a Rainy day.
  • Go to Tokyo on a rainy day, find telephone booth at (415,559) 
  • Interact with the booth until EVA appears. 
  • Choose answer number 2 (Yes, Say Name, No, No, No) 
  • Wait for the next day (4 hours – real time), then go to the location again on a rainy day. 
  • Find NPC Sasa Sakurai, talk to her. 
  • Go to NPC Fannie Beth (Specialty Merchant) at 504,454 to buy a pain killer 
  • Back to Sasa Sakurai (415,449), give her the pain killer then finish the scene here 
  • Follow her to her house at (341,587), enter the house 
  • Turn on the vision, then kill all the monsters there. 
  • Check the document and the suitcase around there 
  • Find NPC Bar Owner (464,396), talk to her and choose answer number 1 (Sasa Sakurai). If you choose the wrong answer you have to wait until the next day (Real-Time) to continue the quest. 
  • Go to (540, 488), turn on the vision and you will see a picture on the wall. Check on it. 
  • Wait for the next day, go to (540,473), enter the building. 
  • Talk to NPC Eguchi Ryota, Kill the monster, talk to Sasa Sakurai and finish the scene here to complete the tale. 


  • Go to Ehime Prefecture, find police at (259,214) 
  • Talk to NPC Laurence near there, finish the scene here. 
  • Wait for an hour (10 minutes in real-time)then go to Aiko’s house (291,230)  
  • Talk to NPC there, then go to the back of the house to talk to the police. 
  • Enter Aiko’s house 
  • Investigate the body by clicking all the triangle sign around the body then talk to the police. (an exclamation mark will appear)  
  • Investigate the room (clicking the triangle sign on trash bin, table, stove) and finish the puzzle.  
  • Find the last triangle sign near the police then finish the mini-game 
  • Leave the room, then go to the bar at (68,316) 
  • Enter the bar, talk to the police (86,52), then investigate the area by talking to the all NPCs there (Guest 81,41 and Security Guard 41,88)  
  • After talking to the security bar, leave the room by using the door near the security bar. 
  • After you leave the bar, you will see footprints on the floor, follow them. These footprints will lead you to the back of the Aiko’s house (294,240). You can follow the footprints or go directly to the back of the Aiko’s house. 
  • When you reach the back of Aiko’s house, turn on the vision to see the footprints. After that, you go to the front of the house to talk to the NPCs. Finish the scene here then go inside Aiko’s house. 
  • Investigate the room again. You can start by investigating the table, then the other triangles sign will appear.  
  • After you investigate all of them, a triangle sign will appear near the police again (If the triangle sign doesn’t appear, you can repeat the investigation once again). Click on it then finish the mini-game. 
  • An exclamation mark will appear, talk to the police, finish the conversation and choose option 1. 
  • Leave the room, talk to NPC in front of the house and finish the scene here. 
  • Find the last evidence in the trash bin near the house (298,235) then finish the mini-game. 
  • Talk to NPC in front of the house, finish the conversation, then go inside the house again. 
  • When you are inside the house, the suspect has left. Leave the house to find the suspect. 
  • After you are outside the house, you will see a scene with some gunshots. Enjoy the scene, then talk to the police. 

Finish the conversation with EVA to complete the tale.