Apex Legends Guide : Complete List of All Items

Apex Legends Guide - Complete List of All Items

Apex Legends Guide : Complete List of All Items

What items should you take while playing Apex Legends besides the weapons and bullets? Check out the complete list of items in Apex Legends below!

In addition to the bullet weapons that will take up inventory slots, you must also pay attention to the many uses of other items such as healing, shield, and backpack.

Healing items are items used to restore the amount of HP such as Med Kits and shields for armor such as the Shield Battery, each of which has a duration of time to use it.

Shield items are items that are used as armor such as the body, helmet, and knocked down shield that make you have personal protection against enemy fire.

Meanwhile, backpack items are items that are used to add inventory slots so you can carry more items.

Here's a complete list of items in Apex Legends that you can learn:

Healing Item

  • Syringe > Adds 25 HP > 5 s 
  • Med Kit > Adds 100 HP > 8 s 
  • Shield Cell >Adds 25 Shield > 3 s 
  • Shield Battery > Adds 100 Shield > 5 s 
  • Phoenix Kit > Adds 100 HP & 100 Shield > 10 s 
  • Ultimate Accelerant > Adds 20% Ultimate Ability when last used > 7 s

Body Shield Item

  • Common > Adds armor for 50 Damage 
  • Rare > Adds armor for 75 Damage 
  • Epic > Adds armor for 100 Damage 
  • Legendary > Adds armor for 100 damage and will restore all shields if you do the Finisher

Helmet Shield Item

  • Common > Reduces headshot shots 30% 
  • Rare > Reduces headshot shots 40% 
  • Epic > Reduces headshot shots 50% 
  • Legendary > Reduces headshot shots by 50% and reduces the duration of Tactical and Ultimate Ability cooldowns

Knocked Down Shield Item

  • Common > Withstand 100 Damage when knocked down 
  • Rare > withstand 250 damage when knocked down 
  • Epic > withstand 750 damage when knocked down 
  • Legendary > withstand 750 damage when knocked down and can do self-revive (1x)

Backpack Item

  • Common > Adds 2 inventory slots 
  • Rare > Adds 4 inventory slots 
  • Epic > Adds 6 inventory slots 
  • Legendary > Adds 6 inventory slots and speeds up the time to use healing items by 50%

All of these items you can search for and get from the Supply Bin, Supply Ship, Supply Drop, Loot Pick, or usually on the floors of buildings and buildings.

If you successfully kill the enemy, don't forget to looting the enemy's Death Box so you can get lots of items easily.

Note, all items with Legendary status will give you additional effects which give you an advantage making it easier for you to master the battle when meeting with enemies.