Anecdote & Silver Tale Dragon Raja Complete Guide

Dragon Raja Complete Guide

Anecdote & Silver Tale Dragon Raja Complete Guide

Anecdote & Silver Tale Dragon Raja Complete Guide

Anecdote is a short event that you can find near the 'Tale' quest. This anecdote is easier and faster for you to complete than the 'Tale' quest. Press 'Q' in the upper right corner of the screen then select Tale. Tap View on the side of EVA's face to open the Anecdote list and instructions.

After successfully completing Anecdote, you will get points which can then be exchanged for various rewards such as Gold, Diamond or Avatar. One of the daily Anecdote tasks that you can work on is photographing the specified location on each Map.

The Diary

Go to Tsukuyomi Prison until you find a rubber duck doll in the lake (62,59). Interact with him then go to a nearby house to find a diary book under the table (near the wall).

If there are other players who are opening the diary, you will not be able to interact with the book so wait for a while until the player leaves. Open the diary and enter code 214 to read Erii's dark secret.

Jam Maker

Go to Tokyo and walk to the middle of the road. Wait there for about 1 minute until you cause traffic jams. When an NPC approaches you and asks you to leave, answer with ‘Why should I do what you say?’ And stay quiet in the middle of the road. A few moments later, a notification will appear and say that you have caused traffic jams on the Tokyo road. Watch the cutscene to complete this Anecdote.

Scattered File

Go to Cassell College and pick up trash scattered around the campus until you get a notification where you have found confidential documents. When 3 choices appear, choose the 'Read the Document' option.


Go to the Principal Office and ignore Anjou who is there. Act like a boss and sit on his bench. Two options will appear, choose the second option and type 'no glues' to complete this Anecdote.

Blossoms Rain

While in the Principal’s Office, talk to Anjou and sit in his chair. When the options appear, select Enter Command then type 'show me the flower' to finish this Anecdote.

Broken Machine

Go to the basketball court at Cassell College where there are vending machines that usually surround the field. Try to take a drink from the vending machine until you find that the machine is broken. You can ask EVA to fix the machine or you fix it yourself.

The Graffiti

Go to Tokyo and look for a vending machine where you will get a message on the wall. Go closer and activate Vision to clearly see the graffiti concerned. Talk to two people who are near you to complete this Anecdote.

Lost Report

Go to Icy Lair and check the big computer there. When the options appear, select the 'Look Around' option. Do this many times until you get the next quest. Check the quest list and click 'Deliver the First Generation Report' then return to Cassell College to complete the Anecdote.

Mystery Drink

Go to Cassell College and look for a vending machine on the terrace (221,419). Choose the drink you want, then buy it several times until you get a special drink. A special dialog will appear, drink the special drink to complete Anecdote.

Rhythm Master

Go to your house in Siberia Harbor and check the guitar there. Let your character play music until it's finished, a message from Gattuso will appear and he promises to introduce you to a pianist.

Universal Quiz

Go to the library and check the telescope there many times until a quest called 'Report the broken telescope' appears. Choose the second option, ‘It's broken. Report this to the manager 'and report to Vinya, the librarian there. Return to the telescope the next day to get a message from Vanders. Go to the roof to meet him and select the 'The combination of space, time, matter, and energy' option.

Final Blessing

Look for a Claw Machine at Cassell College (233,422) then use the Claw Machine Coin to operate it. Try to get the figure of Chisei Gen to end this Anecdote.

Umbrella Seller (Silver Tale)

Go to Chizuru on a rainy day and check the umbrella girl at the location (160,219). Talk to him and choose the second option to listen to the story again and again. Continue repeating until the dialog appears ‘Thank you for listening to me for so long. You really are a good person. '

Return to Chuzuru at night around 10 PM and now you can see the little girl move to the location (104,217). Talk to him one more time and select the first option which is 'I don't want the umbrella, I want you.' To get the Red Butterfly umbrella.

Old Man and Sea (Silver Tale)

Go to Siberia Harbor and check the lighthouse over there. Click the door and select the 'Knock' option. You will get information that an old man used to live here but he just disappeared, your job now is to look for him!

Go to the location point (423,202) and talk to him. Return to the small cabin when you start the game for the first time and check the books there. Go to the location point (331,356) to find a rope. After getting it, check the location (318,303) and pick up 4 woods that are around there. Return to the parents who are near the lighthouse and give the materials you have obtained.

Select the answer as you wish. Wait for a few days and return to the lighthouse. Talk to the old man who is standing by the door to complete this Silver Tale.

The "Chosen"

Go to Cassell College during a thunderstorm (where there are lots of lightning), then stand near the Anjou statue until lightning strikes you.

No. 7 pitcher

Go to the basketball court and talk to Tatsuhiko Kimura to take the Challenge (Dungeon). Of the 10 shots given, just put 7 balls into the ring (shoot 3 times if necessary) to get this Anecdote.

Dark Alley

This anecdote can only be resolved if your character has a high Justice trait (click on the avatar and select the Feature option). Go to Tokyo and check the dark alley at the location point (517,440) to watch the cutscene. Talk to Igarashi who is there and select the option 'I won't allow you to bully the weak ones!' To fight the thugs. After successfully disabling them, talk once again with Igarashi to complete Anecdote.

College’s Voice

Go to Cassell College and meet Tia near the basketball court (276,461). Make sure Pablo is beside him to complete this Anecdote. Talk to Tia and pay her to sing a few songs over and over until Finn and Grainne appear. Watch the cutscene and their conversation to end this Anecdote.


Go to Tokyo at night and check the trash in the location point (522,436). Do this repeatedly until a street dog appears. If you have Pure Water, give it to him. Dog Food (buy at Siberia's Specialty Merchant (255,205)) and Burnt Steak can also but prioritize Pure Water to end this Anecdote.

Era of Idols

Go to Tokyo and check the phone at the location (462,425). Keep inserting 10 Gold coins into it until a mysterious person picks up the phone. He will ask if you want to be an idol star, answer with 'Wanna be an idol!' To continue the storyline.

Pay a total of 8,000 Gold so that they prepare everything that is needed. When you arrive at the location, watch the cutscene where you will meet a female ghost. When a mysterious person says that you need to pay some more money, reject it. Defeat all the thugs that appear.

After everything is over, choose the option to contact the police to increase your character's Justice trait and complete the Anecdote. If you choose another option, your Chaos trait will increase and Anecdote will not be able to be obtained by you.

Love you 3000

Go to the house in Siberia Harbor then read the notes near the bed. Get out of the house and go to the location point (368,336) to meet with Morgan. Talk to him and select the 'That note was yours?' Option to complete Anecdote.

Thither Line

This anecdote will appear randomly as you explore the world. A notification will appear saying 'Pay now, or the service will be suspended.', Answer with 'Really? You are not hired to fool me? 'To complete Anecdote.

Eternal Ally

Go to Hot Spring Resort and check the book lying on the floor (11.16). Interact with the book repeatedly until the question ‘Would you tell someone that you like him / her?’ Then answer ‘No’. For the next question, answer 'Send my blessing.' And buy Ice Cola from the vending machine and then meet the Chizuru at (175,210). Talk to him and choose Ice Cola to complete Anecdote.


Go to the house in Siberia Harbor then lie in bed until Z talks to you through dreams. You can do this 3 times until a warning pops up if you have other activities to do. If Z doesn't talk to you, try another time.

Leader Query

Go to the Principal Office and sit in his chair. Select the 'Look Around' option until you get a message from Alfred. Choose the option you want but remember, this option will affect the trait of your character later.

Strange Mark

Go to the Principal Office and rotate the globe there until a notification appears. You can only rotate the globe 3 times a day so if a notification does not appear then try again later. Speak with Anjou and go outside to meet Manstein (269,317). Tell him "Have a Finger hack into the system." Then meet Schneider who is outside the library (77.68). If you can't find the location, check the 'Ask Schneider' quest list, talk to him to complete the Anecdote.

Campus Bench

At Cassell College, check the location point (302,288) and sit on the bench there between 1PM - 2PM. If you're lucky, you will meet an athlete, if not then come back another time. When asked a question, answer with ‘There’s plenty of vacant seats. Why here? '

Basketball Team

Meet Tatsuhiko Kimura on the Cassel College basketball court (261,444) during the day or afternoon. Talk to him twice to start Anecdote and accept the assignment. Your task is quite easy, put the ball in the ring 10 times. After finishing, talk to Kimura to complete this Anecdote.

Waste Separation

Take the trash scattered about at Cassel College until you receive a message from Gregory. Go and meet him near the stairs to the basketball court (243,416) then talk to him to answer a few questions (If you fail to answer the question he gave, repeat by taking the trash again):

1. What kind of garbage is the glowing bubble milk tea?
 * Pearls are wet, cups are dry

2. What kind of garbage is the Johnson Colored contacts Johann Chu uses to cover his golden eyes?
 * Dry trash - trash that has dried

3. What kind of garbage is Xiaoyan Su's expired cosmetics?
 * Harmful trash

4. What garbage are the artificial flowers Ruri Kazame uses on his kimono?
 * Recyclable trash

5. What kind of garbage is the chicken bones Finger left over?
 * Wet trash

6. What kind of garbage is the cigarette smoked by Principal Anjou?
 * Dry trash

7. What in the options below doesn't belong to other garbage?
 * Finger's old snotty tissues