The Best Dragon Raja Class Guide

Best Reviews of All Classes on Dragon Raja

The Best Dragon Raja Class Guide

Archosaur Games will soon release Dragon Raja in the west. The release date of Dragon Raja is scheduled for February 2020, following the recognized Chinese launch handled by Tencent. This is a highly anticipated mobile MMORPG created with Unreal Engine 4, featuring incredible graphics and an open world for you to explore with one of the available classes. To find out exactly who you should choose at first, this is our list of all Dragon Raja classes.

At the time of the western release of the Dragon Raja, the Chinese version must have six classes revealed. Players in North America and Europe will be able to choose between four classes, without any gender blocking your path of choice

These are the Dragon Raja classes:

  • Soul Dancer 
  • Assassin 
  • Blade Master 
  • Gunslinger 
  • Fighter 
  • Scythe

The last two classes, Fighter and Scythe, will be released as additional content. Obviously, there may be a change in name due to localization requirements, but their role must be fairly standardized by the current MMORPG figures.

1. Blade Master (Warrior and Tank)

Blade Master (Warrior and Tank)

The Blade Master class is the perfect choice if you want to cut and slash your opponent's strength. This class has skills that attack several enemies at once with a fast sword attack, sending up to five enemies at once. The Blade Master is a tank class in Dragon Raja, a deadly warrior with fast attacks and strong defenses.

Anyone who could claim the name of the Blade Master were geniuses who could truly use their swords and blades. They always carry two swords by their sides, Meitou and Large Tachi. During battles, they can quickly change their fighting positions and release different skills.

2. Gunslinger Class (Range)

Gunslinger Class (Range)

The Gunslinger class carries heavy weapons into battle, deploys landmines, invokes satellite attacks, or even becomes invisible for a short period of time. Don't forget about the weapons used by the Gunslinger class all the time, shooting from a distance without worrying about the lack of bullets, like the distance DPS class.

Gunslinger is the sharpest hunter on the battlefield. After they choose the enemy, there will be no way out. Meanwhile, Gunslinger also has the most luxurious armory - Particle Beam, SPI Landmine, HMG, Tesla Solenoid, and even the Satellite of Divine Judgment.

3. Assassin Class (Assassin/Mage)

Assassin Class - Dragon Raja The best classess review

The Dragon Raja Assassin class not the weak and nimble character that is often seen in other games. Instead of being a cunning and fragile creature, this Assassin comes with sophisticated weaponry and clever tricks. The spinning wheel can be thrown at the enemy, and subsequent teleportation will ensure that more punishment will find its way. Assassins deal high damage up close, but they can also protect themselves by using the Crystal Coffin skill, which stops all damage for a few seconds.

Equipped with next generation weapons that combine Blood Dragons and modern technology, Assassins can turn their weapons into various forms to attack enemies. With their powerful weapons, the Assassin can handle very complicated battles. They have two forms available: normal and raid.

4. Soul Dancer (Support)

Soul Dancer (Support)

Soul Dancer is certainly the most interesting class of the group. They are never alone, because they have shadows on their sides all the time. This class looks strange and fragile, but it is a perfect support class, capable of dealing magic damage and lowering enemy defenses. The Soul Dancer class has other tricks on his sleeve, such as stopping time, teleporting, or turning an enemy into a vulnerable yellow duck that cannot attack.

All Soul Dancers have shadow shapes like twins or brothers who will never leave their side. Experts believe that this is actually their reflection from another dimension. Using the ability to manipulate time and space, Soul Dancers can heal themselves by speeding up time and offering strong support to their teammates.

5. Fighter

The Best Dragon Raja Class Guide

The Fighter class was the group's fighter, delivering endless kicks and punches that made many martial arts experts embarrassed. Fighters also have a lightning fast attack that will not get out of place in the most frantic beat'em ups. However, the most impressive feature is Titan's companion, a large robot that is not only capable of dealing large damage, but is also useful to act as a damage sponge.

Fighters come from the East, they have practiced ancient martial arts since childhood, with agility and strength that ordinary people cannot imagine. They traveled the world, visiting martial arts masters everywhere, in constant battle to transcend their own limits. Titan is a partner encountered by fighters on lonely training trips, and in battle Titan not only provides strong support, but also works with players, releases strong fit skills, and brings damage to players.

6. Scythe-wielding class

The Best Dragon Raja Class Guide

The Scythe is the scythe-wielding class in Dragon Raja, gothic characters with a penchant for black and purple. We might see a change in name when the class is released in the west (the translation also shows Nightmare), but the essence remains the same. He can teleport backwards for a short distance, while increasing his physical defense, and he has a devastating slash attack that hits four points in front of him.

The warriors known as Nightmare have fought for the White Rose family for centuries, making powerful family organizations comparable to ancient mixed race families, until mixed races are hidden from this world today. They are disguised as witches, and pretty gothic and scythe costumes are their standard, but as soon as a black cat or crow appears, a nightmare has found an object.

So who should be your pick: –
  1. Tank/Melee DPS – Blade Master 
  2. DPS – Gunslinger 
  3. Support/Mage – Soul Dancer
  4. Assassin
  5. Fighter
  6. Scythe-wielding class
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