Soul Dancer Build Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja Soul Dancer Guide: Build, Skills & Talents

The Soul Dancer is a ranged magical class that can provide healing, support, and crowd control capabilities. They can polymorph enemies and reduce their defenses which lets other classes take opponents down.
They have a special pact system where you can target Allies in order for you to provide extra buffs. Combining a pact with another class will maximize their capabilities in return which is great for supporting.


As seen in the character creation page, they have the highest assist capabilities in the game. They also have high survival and decent damage and range as well. Their magical damage makes gives them offensive capabilities while at the same time their assist can provide heals and crowd control.


What are the main stats that you need to focus on when building a Soul Dancer? Since they are meant for support CDR (Cooldown Reduction), their defenses, as well as their magic attack. Use Gems for your character to gain stats, and focus on the following:

  • Insight – Increases HP, Magic Attack Power, and CDR. 
  • Intelligence – Increases HP, Magic Attack Power, MS 
  • Dexterity – Increases HP, Magic Attack Power, Crit, and MS 
  • Constitution – Increases HP, Physical Defense, Magical Defense, and Crit Resistance

Build INS/INT score to increase Soul Dancer CDR, Magic Attack. Let’s take a look at the gems that you should equip to build Soul Dancer class wisely.

Dragon Raja Soul Dancer Skills:

Soul Dancer Class offers two skill sets to the player

Set I Skills :
  • Soul Dancer’s Pact – with this skill, Soul Dancer forms a pact with an ally. When Pact is in effect, Time Expansion grants Time Twist to the pact partner – increases the size, speed, cooldown reduction, damage reduction if within 10m 
  • Iceglare Shock – with this skill, Soul Dancer inflicts magic damage to the target, heals herself and slow the targets 
  • Phase Shock – with this skill, Soul Dancer inflicts heavy magic damage to multiple enemies 
  • Azure Mark – with this skill, Soul Dancer creates an alchemy circle, inflicts damage to random enemies 
  • Time Expansion – increases movement speed, critical resistance, cooldown reduction. Use this skill when pact partner is within 10 m range – to get Time Twist bonus; increase movement speed, reduce damage received, increase cooldown reduction

Set II Skills :
  • Shadow Light – passively increases Gemini NATK, Iceglare shock damage 
  • Recall Light – self-healing, heals an ally, restore vitality. Also, allies within 5 m range gains buff; increase CRIT, AP, Multistrike 
  • Time Lock – stops the time; makes enemy stop 
  • Witch’s Kiss – turns the target into a duck, reduces their physical and magical defense

So these are Soul Dancer skills. Now let’s take a look at her talents that you can activate to improve the strength.

Soul Dancer Talents: 

  • C-Level Talent – Ballet in the Snow to increase the effectiveness of Iceglare Shock skill(Set I). Sand of Time to increase CRIT RATE. Soul Link to transfer HP when affected with Twin’s Pact. 
  • B-Level Talent – Dance with Swans to increase Phase Shock skill damage. Law of Time to reduce Time Lock skill cooldown. Loki’s Trick polymorph one more target using Witch’s Kiss skill. 
  • A-Level Talent – Stopped Pendulum to increase damage from Azure Mark skill. Lord of Time to reduce the Shadow Light skill cooldown when using Time Lock skill. Fallen Glacier to reduce the cooldown of Iceglare Shock skill during Time Expansion 
  • S-Level Talent – Mimir’s Spring to increase CDR of allies within 10m range – when Light Beacon is released. Twin’s Edge to increase movement speed, CRIT Res, CDR when linked with Twin’s Pact. Holy Feast to get buff when releasing Recall Light skill.


Soul Dancer is the only healer class in Dragon Raja. Although, she is not a pure healer – you get decent DPS, survivability, and CC skills too. Self-healing skills and supporting allies in the battle are some great abilities that Soul Dancer has. You should give this class a shot.