PUBG cheater will be banned for 10 years

Cheater will be banned for 10 years

PUBG cheater will be banned for 10 years

There is no game that is never visited by cheaters, neither does the PlayerUnkown Battlegrounds (PUBG) game. Since its launch in 2017, this game has been faced with players who do anything to win.

Not only the PC version, the mobile version of PUBG has not escaped the interference of cheaters. Every day countless thousands of players are banned for cheating. The majority of cheaters are from China.

Now Tencent and PUBG Corp have launched a solution. Both companies created an anti-cheat system called 'Project Ban Pan'. In the video launch, shown a real case of a cheater who was caught using a cheat.

This unnamed cheater does not use special codes or complicated applications to carry out the action. He manipulated the system in a simple way.

Using two mobile devices, initially the cheaters played normally. Then in the middle of the match, he logged in on the second device so that the system detected a connection problem.

As long as the account is logged on the second device, he cannot be killed and can certainly easily win the match. Unfortunately, he was detected by the new system and was banned for 10 years.

According to Tencent, this system has automatically punished 95% of violations. While the remaining 5% is obtained based on reports from other players. This will expand the data base needed by Tencent to eradicate cheaters.

Another key aspect of the 'Ban Ban Project' is 'Death Replay' which allows the player to see replays of his death from the opponent's point of view. So that players can more easily find out and report cheat users.

Tencent added that reports on cheat users had been reduced this week. 8000 players have been banned for 10 years every day.

Constrained by DDoS attacks, PUBG Corp makes an apology

Constrained by DDoS attacks, PUBG Corp makes an apology

PUBG Corp. expressed his apologies regarding connection and game performance issues that have always been troubling to the Player of the Unknown Battle Grounds recently. The game developer stated that this problem occurred because of efforts to counter the DDoS (Distributed denial of service) attack.

The developer claims that some problems such as decreasing frame rate, crushing, and freezing are not directly related to DDoS attacks. They also convinced the players to contact PUBG Corp support team if there were obstacles in the game and share as much information as possible, especially the detailed specifications of the hardware used.

"This problem has become our top priority. For players who experience various obstacles, please be patient, "said the developer.

Regarding DDoS attacks, PUBG Corp admitted that they had experienced a surge in the intensity of DDoS attacks last November, and continue to grow to this day.

PUBG Corp did not say who was behind it or suspected it was behind this attack, but unfortunately the DDoS attack indirectly affected the game's performance. Another problem with players, "said PUBG Corp.

For now PUBG Corp continues to try to gather information about the perpetrators behind this attack to pursue legal action. The impact of DDoS attacks has been reduced by 85%. However, the problems caused by the attack will continue until PUBG Corp can find the right solution.