Now Helicopters Also Present at Fortnite

Not only at PUBG, now helicopter vehicles are also present at Fortnite

Now Helicopters Also Present at Fortnite

After the helicopter vehicle is present in several battle royale games such as PUBG and Call of Duty, you can now fly the vehicle in the universe Fortnite. The presence of this helicopter is just one of many new things through patch version 12.20.

This helicopter vehicle can load up to four players which makes it perfect for use in squad mode at Fortnite.

In the previous Fortnite patch, players had to go to the resort and erect a building to be able to see maps from the air. In addition, another way that can be used is to launch their Quadcrasher vehicle into the air, or use the X-4 Stormwing Plane like Season 7 then if they want to explore the map through the air.

In addition to helicopters, this new patch also brings changes to the map, as the explosion at the Oil Rig has made the location covered by oil, while the soccer field inside Pleasant Park has now opened. In addition there is also a hidden helicopter pad which is perfect for landing the new vehicle.

The last important change is the new locker adjustment option that can allow players to create main presets that can be customized with skins, back blings, axes, gliders, skydiving trails, and emoticons.