LifeAfter Update: An age of neon dreams

An age of neon dreams - LifeAfter New Update

An age of neon dreams - LifeAfter New Update

Scientia and the Federation have reached an agreement to send Olivia away from the continent. According to the plan, you're to meet at a stronghold at the foot of Mount Snow.

Hillside Stronghold

  1. Area of Operation - Hillside Stronghold will become available at the foot of Mount Snow. To gain access to Hillside Stronghold, you will first need to clear the Operation Area - Hospital and reach Gathering Lv. 75.
  2. Clearing the stage for the first time each day will grant a Clearance Reward and an extra Rating Reward including Military Exploits and Special Parts. Each Rating Reward can only be obtained once per day. Everything resets at 3:00 in the morning.
  3. During the operation, the Durability of gear loss will be reduced by 90%, ammo reload cost is reduced by 90% and Durability loss when unconscious is reduced by 90%.

Neon Age - An age of neon dreams.

  1. The Camp can be upgraded to Neon Age once Prosperity reaches Lv. 50. At that point, the max amount of Survivors will increase to 110 and the max Prosperity Level will increase to Lv. 80. 
  2. You can now use Cabin Art in the Camp's Furniture Shop. Once the Camp enters the Post-industrial Age, Raw Rubber, Silk and Quartz Sand will be added to the Camp's Weapon Shop, Armor Shop and Furniture Shop respectively. 
  3. The Neon Age brings new technology to farming, manufacturing and the military - helicopters with higher transportation capacity; a merchant who purchases resources with Gold Bars; shared motorcycles and ammo boxes in the Camp for you to use. Furthermore, there is also some strange new technique you can use against enemies ... These are guaranteed to satisfy all your needs. 
  4. Mayors in the Neon Age will receive the title of Neon Leader.

Spring Drill

  1. Brand new outfit - Pure Promise has arrived in the Mall. Purchase it during Training to enjoy a limited-time discount; 
  2. Use 1 Pure White Rose to make a special confession; Select a player who is nearby, or from your friends list, to make a special confession to. The player who receives this confession will gain 5 Crush points. The Commerce Bureau will count the Crush of all survivors for the Daily Crush Rankings. The top 20 players will receive limited-time titles and items. The Commerce Bureau will also draw up a Crush Leaderboard based on players' total Crush obtained. Players on the Leaderboard will get Permanent Titles, other Permanent Outfits rewards based on their ranking. The higher their ranking, the better the rewards will be. 
  3. A productive year starts with solid planning in Spring. During the Arbor Day event (March 5th - March 18th, 2020), your chance of obtaining Saplings and Seeds while gathering in the Wilderness will be greatly increased. During the event, you can gain Tree Planting Points through gathering and harvesting; When your daily Tree Planting Points reach certain amounts, you will be able to claim the corresponding point rewards. Once you've collected a certain amount of Tree Planting Points, you'll receive a Tree Cert Upgrade Reward that will increase your Cert Level. The higher your Cert Level, the more Daily Score Rewards will be refreshed the next day. 
  4. Brand new Lv. 75 weapons and gear have been added to the Formula archive. During the event, the chance of obtaining Weapon Formulas when composing Formulas is increased for a limited time! 
  5. During the event, players whose Manor Level is 3 or higher can participate in the Lucky Fortune Eggs event. Once the prize pool is set, you can spend Training Eggs to draw Fortune Eggs, then open the eggs to obtain the rewards. 
  6. Lucky Gift Boxes are now available. They can be purchased with Federation Checks and, when opened, have a chance of granting you rare items like the Hero Ping-Pong Table, Ironfist Pack, Mini Projector, etc. 
  7. Duo Training is now available. You can invite a friend to train with you. Complete the designated quests to get Mastery and Training Medals. Training Medals can be redeemed for valuable items in the Caravan Market for a limited time. 
  8. Anniversary Sign-in is now available. Participate in the daily Anniversary Sign in to claim various rare items including the commemorative anniversary backpack. 
  9. Cooking experts Tian has developed brand new recipes to share with Survivors. Survivors can head to the Camp or Hope 101 between 9: 00-23: 50 every day to participate in a Cook-off against Tian. The top 10 players with the highest scores will get extra rewards. Furthermore, Tian has prepared "Spring Roll of Fortune" as a special reward. Get over 66 points in any Cook-off to claim it

Weekly Mission Reward Adjustment

  1. When the reward limits are reset, the highest-level operation available will be that week's Ace Operation. 
  2. In addition to the original rewards, participating in weekly Ace Operations will give you a chance of getting Gold Evolution Gear Vouchers, Gold Drone Vouchers, Upgrade Formula Packs, Advanced Chips, Outfit Vouchers and other awesome rewards. 
  3. Gold Evolution Gear / Drone Vouchers can be used in Hope 101 and the Camp. Exchange them in Weapon Shops for Evolution Gear / Drone Chip Supplies. When opened, Evolution Gear Supplies randomly grant formulas or skins for the Howitzer, Type 95, etc. Drone Chip Supplies randomly grant formulas or skins for Medical Chips, Combat Chips, Pack Chips, Self-destruct Chips, etc.

Other Content and New Rules

  1. Fixed an issue where Special Mutants in the Power Plant and Levin City Hospital couldn't attack Barricades. 
  2. Sticky Cobwebs, Strange Metal, Dormant Insect Eggs and Mutant Feathers can now be transformed into Nanoplastic with the Nanoplastic Maker.