How To Change Name, Appearance, and Delete Character in Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja Guide to Change Your Name, Appearance, and Delete Your Character

How To Change Name, Appearance, and Delete Character in Dragon Raja

If you have just started playing Dragon Raja, then you might have a couple of questions like how to delete a character in Dragon Raja, change name and appearance. In this post, we are going to answer them all. Also, if you have any more questions to ask, please comment in the comment section below this post. So let’s get started and head to the main content.

How To Change Name In Dragon Raja?

Unfortunately, Dragon Raja does not allow players to change their name. There is no way to change the name.

How To Change Appearance After Character Creation?

Gems? Yes. Head to the world map (tap the co-ordinates below the wifi icon in the upper-right corner)-> select Cassell College from the world map -> go to Cassell College. Head to (Makeup NPC – Image Designer) Tony and interact with him. It will cost gems to change appearance after character creation.

Free? No. You can not change the appearance for free after character creation. You will need diamonds. Options like Body customizations, Face customizations(brow, eyes, nose, mouth, etc.), makeup, etc. are unavailable(for free) after you create the character.

How To Copy Appearance And Import?

If you have already created a character; appearance or customizations at the start of the game and want to use the same customizations/appearance on the second character (as the game gives you four slots and you can build four characters), then you can use the copy data function.

On the right-center of the game screen, tap the + button -> settings -> copy data. It will give you an ID(Data ID) that you need to copy or remember. Once done, log out from the character and head to the character creation screen. Select the class -> next step -> in the bottom-left side, you will see the option to import data. Enter the data ID(only ID) and tap the import/import all button.

This function helps you save time if you want to use the same appearance on other characters in the Dragon Raja game.

How To Delete A Character?

Unfortunately, you can not delete a character in Dragon Raja. The game does not give you the option to delete the account or character. Although, it gives you four slots that you can use to create four characters. You can logout from a character class and log in to another one anytime. 

Additionally, if you have already used all the slots, you can create a new account by selecting a new server at the login screen. But make sure to bind the game with Email Address so that you would not lose the game account or progress. And, the answer to the question – you can not reset the character, account or delete an account or a character.