Gunslinger Build Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja Gunslinger Guide: Build, Skills & Talents

Dragon Raja Guide : Gunslinger Build, Skills & Talents

The Gunslinger is a ranged combat specialist that uses Guns, as well as other things through their skills such as Landmines. Their role is high DPS capabilities in order to take opponents down as fast as possible. You need to manage your distance since your survivability isn’t the highest.
You have 2 skill sets available and you will have an Energy system in order to use skills. Dealing regular attacks will refill your energy, and you can then unleash skills that have this requirement. They have a lot of AoE skills that can help out clear waves of enemies as well. Learning about your surroundings and positioning is vital as a Gunslinger.


As seen in the character creation page, their top stat is Damage as well as their Range. Their skills enable burst damage, as well as area of effects that can take out crowds. You need to assist the front line if they are taking the damage for you. Their survival is moderate and their assist is low, so take that in mind.


What are the main stats that you need to focus on when building a Gunslinger? Since they are a Ranged class, you will need to increase their damage, as well as their Crit level for more burst. Use Gems for your character to gain stats, and focus on the following:

  • Dexterity – Increases HP, Physical Attack Power, Crit, and MS 
  • Strength – Increases Physical Attack Power, and HP. 
  • Intelligence – Increases HP, MS 
  • Insight – Increases HP, Physical Attack Power, and CDR. 
  • Constitution – Increases HP, Physical Defense, Magical Defense, and Crit Resistance

Dragon Raja Gunslinger Class Skills:

Gunslinger class offers two skill sets that you can switch between during the battle anytime.

  • Pulse Bomb(Set I) – with this skill, Gunslinger fires a pulse bomb which causes physical damage to the target and up to 5 nearby foes. It costs around 40 energy points to cast this skill 
  • Wind Shot(Set I) – with this skill, Gunslinger inflicts PDMG(Physical damage) to the target. Also, this restores the energy and puts a Wind Mark for a few seconds. Wind Mark is a kind of trigger bomb that triggers a wind blast if you use the normal attack and pulse bombs on the target. 
  • Cannon (Set I)- with this skill, Gunslinger gets immune to the control effects and inflicts PDMG to multiple enemies in a line(Straight line) + inflicts delay for a few seconds. Gunslinger expends all energy to cast this skill.  
  • Arbiter of Peace (Set I) – using this skill, you can knock away surrounding enemies and inflict physical damage. Switching to heavy form using this skill makes you immune to Delay. Movement speed reduced by around 25% + immune to control effects

Skill Use Guide:

  • Use Wind Shot and mark the enemy with Wind Mark. Then use normal attacks or Pulse Bomb to trigger Wind Blast 
  • Arbiter of Peace can help you knock away the surrounding enemies and make an escape 
  • Cannon Skill to inflict massive physical damage

Set II: 

  • Stealth Camouflage – with this skill, you can go invisible, clears the CC effects and increase the defense. But you would take the AoE hits 
  • Heat Blast – with this skill, you will be able to summon a satellite to inflict heavy damage on nearby enemies and inflict Delay effect
  • SPI Landmine – with this skill, Gunslinger places a landmine to trap the enemies and inflict explosion. Also, it makes you invisible 
  • Tesla Solenoid – it inflicts shock effect and PHY DMG


  • C- Level Talent: – Precision Strike to increase CRIT DMG. Charged Implosion to get double energy on CRIT. Charging Core to increases all damage 
  • B-Level Talent: -Explosive Rounds to increase the effect of Pulse Bomb skill. Pulsing WInd skill to increase the duration of Wind Shot’s Wind Mark. Electromagnetic Storm to affect multiple targets 
  • A-Level Talent: -Fragment Mine to increase CRIT chance from SPI Landmine. Concealment to gain DMG reduction upon using Stealth Camouflage skill. Sneak Attack to increase CRIT Rate, gain super armor. 
  • S-Level Talent: – Focused Bombardment for hits. Gamma Chain to reduce Cannon skills’ cooldown. Infinite Firepower to reduce damage taken when in heavy form.

You have to select the talent based on the skill build or skill set you use while playing as Gunslinger class.

Build DEX score for Gunslinger as it increases physical attack and gives you more CRIT.

Tap the Gunslinger avatar in the upper-left corner. In the Gunslinger’s profile, general tab, you will see the “M” keyword that hints you which stats to focus on to build Gunslinger perfectly.

In the advanced tab of Gunslinger’s profile, you will see Gunslinger’s main element. Also, In the general tab, tap the (i) symbol to check build score.

Gunslinger is a pretty good class in Dragon Raja – if you are a solo player, Gunslinger can help you clear the waves of enemies – thanks to the long-ranged high DPS attacks. Also, Gunslinger is pretty easy to master. If you love DPS classes in MMORPGs, then this class is for you.