Free Outfit Dragon Raja

How to Get BasketBall Free Outfit in Dragon Raja

Free Outfit in Dragon Raja

There are many interesting activities that you can do in the world of Dragon Raja, one of which is playing basketball. If you succeed in winning the challenge given in this basketball activity, you can get a special basketball costume or outfit you know! Check out the following guidelines for getting a Basketball Outfit!

After completing a number of tasks from Main Story, you will be given the opportunity to play basketball. First, check your inventory and see if there is an invitation to play basketball in (during the day). If available, check the World Map and go to the basketball court at Cassell College (265,438). Talk to Tatsuhiko Kimura who was there and complete the challenge given by putting the ball in the ring 10 times. You can shoot the ball from any position you like.

Or, you can also go to the basketball court in Chizuru (211,188). Talk to Sou Kurosaki and complete the challenge (the same as above), which is to put the ball 10 times in the ring. You can shoot the ball from any position you like. If you fail to meet the challenges above, you can try again on another day (you are only given the opportunity to try the challenge once a day).

Before accepting challenges from both places that you can choose, practice as often and as much as you can until you can determine from which direction you can shoot the ball into the ring properly (the closer the position of firing the ball with the ring the better the chance to enter the ball ).

After successfully completing the challenges given, you will get a new basketball outfit that you can check through Wardrobe!