Dragon Raja Career Guide for beginners

Dragon Raja Guide To Careers : 

Dragon Raja Career Guide for beginners

Dragon Raja mobile is a sprawling MMORPG that released on Android and iOS in early 2020, after a successful release in China during 2019. Besides offering a story-based campaign that is going to introduce you to many interesting characters as well as a shady bunch, it brings many side activities to entertain you and earn some valuable experience points in the process. The Dragon Raja Careers are the most important activities for you to focus on.

Your first career unlock is available at level 40, the moment when you’ll be facing a tough decision: will you be a Superstar or follow a career in Cuisines to become a famed Chef? For their first career, I can see many players choosing the Superstar route as it sounds more appealing.

However, you aren’t locked out of other careers, as Dragon Raja allows you to unlock the other one at level 60. Considering that there is a slot for a third career, this is bound to release during 2020 or 2021.

As you unlock your career, you’re going to face some choices. Let’s take the Superstar path, where you must choose an agent and practice several activities to climb the ranks. You begin as an Audition Artist, become a Trainee, an Idol Reserve, Fresh Face, and others until you finally turn into an International Star.

There are three Superstar paths for you to fulfill at each level: Artistic, Charisma, and Show. You must complete these before you gain a level, unlocking a new series of training options. You can perform, sing, play guitar, dance, learn about makeup, jog, practice yoga, record TV commercials, and many more.

Each day, you earn a maximum of 360 Vitality points in a maximum of 2500. Use these up every single day to climb the Superstar levels, don’t leave any Vitality points unspent. You can also create goods and gifts to sell to your fans.

The diversity of actions that each career unlocks are more than enough to make you push for the higher ranks. This is a great addition to Dragon Raja and further proof of the detail that goes into this MMORPG.

Superstar Career Guide

In this career, your character can learn how to sing, dance, dress, about make-ups, workout, etc. You are gonna perform on the stage as a dancer and singer together. After you activate this career, you have to focus on Career Upgrades; Artistic, Charisma, and Show. As an upgrade reward, you get badges, avatars, and other rewards.

You will start with the audition artists and try hard to become an international star. Head to the career menu -> Superstar.

Cooking Cuisine Career Guide :

Dragon Raja Career Guide for beginners

Cuisine Career – if you choose this Dragon Raja career for your character class, then you can become Michelin Chef. All you need to do is improve three attributes – Ingredient, Cook ability, and Menu Ability. Head to the menu -> career -> Cusine -> In the home tab, you can check these attributes. To improve these attributes, you need to complete the food, cooking, and recipe quests.

Keep learning the recipes, cooking the dishes, and collecting the food to progress to the Chef career. Which career should you pick at level 40?