Build Blade Master Dragon Raja

Blade Master Guide: Build, Skills & Talents on Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja Guide : Blade Master Build, Skills & Talents

The Blade Master is a close combat specialist that uses a Sword and Blade combination for weapons. Their role is to be a Warrior or a Tank therefore you can choose if you want pure DPS or if you want to be the front line to take damage.
Their role is important due to their survivability, they can take on crowds while other classes can help within range. One of their traits are their skill sets that lets them switch from their Meitou and Odachi weapon sets, each providing you with different skills. You get to have an attack skill that lets you automatically change to your other weapon.


As seen in the character creation page, their top stat is survivability, and they have decent damage as well. They have decent crowd control, as well as moderate assist capabilities. Their lowest stat is their range, so you will really need to be in the forefront of the battle in order for you to deliver your blows.


What are the main stats that you need to focus on when building a Blade Master? Since they are a Warrior/Tank, you will need to increase their damage, HP, and overall survival. Use Gems for your character to gain stats, and focus on the following:

  • Strength – increases Physical Attack Power, and HP. 
  • Cinstitution – Increases HP, Physical Defense, Magical Defense, and Crit Resistance 
  • ntelligence – Increases HP, MS 
  • Dexterity – Increases HP, Physical Attack Power, Crit, and MS 
  • Insight – Increases HP, Physical Attack Power, and CDR.

Dragon Raja Blade Master Class :

  • Role – Warrior/Tank 
  • Range – Melee 
  • Difficulty – Intermediate 
  • Survivability – Excellent 
  • Damage – Decent 
  • Assistance – Poor


The Blade Master class offers two skill sets (Odachi, Meitou)
  • Demon Rage(Set I) – with this skill, Blade Master gets into Berserk mode and increases the physical attack and damage power. If Blade Master gets a fatal attack while Berserk mode, Naraka gets triggered.  
  • Azure Moon – with this skill, Blade Master inflicts physical damage to up to five enemies in front and knocks them back. Also, triggers Diagonal Slash (Diagonal Slash is another skill) 
  • Roundhouse Skill – with this skill, Blade Master knocks back up to five enemies in front and inflicts PHY DMG/dealy effect. Also, a chance to inflict freeze/shock effect 
  • Red Lotus – with this skill, Blade Master inflicts physical damage to five enemies ins straight line and switch to Odachi form. 
  • Blizzard – with this Blade Master inflicts physical damage to up to five enemies and switches to Large Tachi form. 
  • Thunder – DMG and inflict shock effect + switches to Odachi form 
  • Diagonal Slash –  you can trigger this skill with Azure Moon skill. It inflicts massive physical damage to the enemies 
  • Moon Shatterer/Landslide – it is one of the best skills of Blade Master that blocks the enemy attacks. And, increase the damage resistance. If you are in trouble; low on HP, use this skill and block attacks


  • C-Level Talent – Blossom Slash to increase the effectiveness of Blossom Dance skill. Heavy Strike to increase Odachi skills’ damage. Excited to reduce the monster damage and increase hate dealt to the monsters. 
  • B-Level Talent – Wind and Moon to increase the effectiveness of the void skill. New Life to reduce Sakura Slay cooldown. Fury to trigger Bersker when using Moon Shatterer skill. 
  • A-Level Talent – Cherry Blossom Snow to increase Ephemeral Beauty. Moon Shackle to trigger Wane with Moongazer skill. Rakshasa Dance to activate Machamp that increases player damage – activates when releasing Odachi skillset 
  • S-Level Talent – Naraku to reset all skill cooldown and increase damage when Naraka is triggered. Dragon Lord’s Wrath to increase dodge, movement speed, and damage reduction. Izanami’s Dance to increase damage when in Odachi form, movement speed when in Meitou form. 

So these are the Blade Master talents. We would recommend you to go with these Blade Master Talents:
  • Heavy Strike – C-Level 
  • Fury or Wind and Moon – B-Level 
  • Rakshasa Dance – A-Level 
  • Izanami’s Dance – S-Level
Best Skill Set – Odiachi.