Vault and boss loot locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

Epic Games released Season 2 for Fortnite Chapter 2 a few days ago. In the new season, Fortnite has a new Spy-based theme, Top Secret. Besides that, as always, Epic Games is always able to bring new things to be explored by the players.

Vault and boss loot locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

Several new locations were added to the Fortnite folder which has a role in this new theme. At these locations, namely The Agency, The Shark, The Grotto, The Rig, and The Yacht, players can battle with a number of NPC Henchmen before facing their respective bosses, namely Midas, Skye, Brutus, TNTina, and Meowscles .

Fighting against these bosses will never be easy, but if you want to get looted goods that can change the game, this is very much worth trying.

However, where is the best location to land and who is the best boss to beat? Following the review.

Vault and boss loot locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

A complete guide that reveals the items behind each vault has now been revealed by FortniteBRGame's Instagram account. This map and guide also describe what players can get from each boss, in the form of mythical weapons.

Midas boss will drop many Drum Guns, Skye can award assault rifles and unlimited grapplers, Brutus gives Minigun, TNTina presents Ka-Boom arrows, and Meowscles will drop Peew Peew rifles with a better version of assault rifle.

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From each vault, players will certainly get at least one cache inventory and crate supply, but the most interesting thing is at The Agency that can make players get some additional slurps and chests.

In choosing the place you want to go, it all depends on how big the fight you want to face. However, you can also determine it by seeing what gifts you can get before deciding to go there.