Team DeathMatch mode will be present at PUBG

What's New on Update PUBG Mobile.

The classic Team Death Match (TDM) mode will be present at the Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) Player along with the arrival of the 6.2 update.

This TDM mode will use an 8 vs 8 battle format with seven different maps. The TDM map was taken from locations in the battle royale map such as Stalber from Erangel and Podvosto from Vikendi.

Like TDM mode in general, respawn function will be activated. Before respawn, players will be given time to adjust the set of weapons they want to use. This mode can only be played with first person perspective (FPP).

The first team to reach 50 kills or the team with the highest kills when the round is finished will be the winner. Players will get a Battle Point (BP) prize according to their individual scores.

But players who play TDM mode will not get the Survivor Pass experience. So for those of you who want to raise the Survivor Pass level, it is not recommended to play this mode.

PUBG Corp revealed plans to add a TDM map. They also promised that there would be other modes in the future.