LifeAfter Update : New Rules for Farstar City

What's New Update on LifeAfter : New Rules for Farstar City

LifeAfter Update : New Rules for Farstar City

You can find the notes from Official Page LifeAfter.

To ensure a better game experience, the Dev Tim performing an update from Feb.19 16:00 to Feb. 19 16:30 (PST). During this time you will not be able to log in. The duration of the maintenance estimated and may be extended due to technical issues.
Wish you enjoy the updates!

[Treasure Seeker]

  1. A large amount of rare Blood Red Diamonds are scattered through Farstar City. Find them and exchange them for Blood Diamond Souvenir Coupons at the Reid Brothers'. You can obtain up to 100 Coupons per day this way; 
  2. Survivors will drop 50% of the Blood Red Diamonds in their backpack when defeated, but never more than 50 diamonds each time; 
  3. Blood Diamond Souvenir Coupons can be exchanged for rare rewards at the Reid Brothers'. The rewards are not infected; 
  4. The Reid Brothers will be open for 10 minutes at a time, and rest 10 minutes between openings.You cannot submit or exchange when they are closed or during Cordon-off Time;  
  5. After defeating 8 people in Farstar City, you will get an exclusive airdrop reward provided by the Reid Brothers. You will randomly receive a limited-time Bazooka, Shield, Pistol or Motorbike, which can only be used in Farstar City. You can also obtain the "Farstar Master" effect, which allows you to deal 5% more damage in Farstar City and lasts 1 hour. During that hour, you cannot get another exclusive airdrop reward; 
  6. In your records, defeating the same person multiple times within 2 minutes will be counted as a single defeat in your defeat streak;

[New Rules for Farstar City]

  1. Factions and Wanted rules in Farstar City have been removed. Now Survivors are hostile towards each other by default; 
  2. The Cordon-off Time in Farstar City has been adjusted: it's now 1 a.m. to 9 a.m. every day. During this period, you will not be able to obtain supplies, or submit or drop Blood Red Diamonds; 
  3. For 2 minutes after being beat down in Farstar City, the culprit will be automatically marked and tracked. They will have a marker on their head, and you'll be able to see them both on the map and through walls; 
  4. The Durability depletion of weapons and armor is decreased by 75% in Farstar City; 
  5. In Farstar City, cross-server matchmaking is supported. Survivors from different servers may join battles in the same Farstar City.

[Caravan 101]

  1. Brand new outfit - The Courageous has arrived in the Mall. Purchase it during Training to enjoy a limited-time discount; 
  2. Fashion Critic is now here! There will be a new fashion theme every day during the competition. Players can choose to become critics and review other players' outfits, or dress themselves up as competitors. The 10 most popular competitors will get Fashionista Rewards. Players who review reward-winners have a chance of receiving the Talent Hunter Reward; 
  3. Follow the training goals and use the specified weapons to complete Spec. Trials to get the corresponding rewards; 
  4. Lucky Hunt is now available. Using a Federation Check gives you 100 New Dollars and a chance to participate in treasure hunts, which can grant you rare items such as weapons, gear and formulas; 
  5. Spring Gifts. Complete specified daily quests to get great Mastery rewards. On weekends, the Caravan Market will offer weekend-exclusive Furniture Packs, and Survivors will be able to gain two times the Mastery at the cost of two times the Vigor; 
  6. Building fusions are here! Each fusion is guaranteed to yield a building-related formula, and has a great chance of yielding a brand new Roman Structure Formula. During the event, you can get 1 free fusion chance every 23 hours. After the event, Roman Building Formulas will be added to each fusion level at the Formula Research Station; 
  7. From Feb. 29th to Mar. 4th, the Mall will provide limited-time Early Spring Offers, including great items like Formula Packs and rare furniture; 
  8. Duo Training is now available. You can invite a friend to train with you. Complete the designated quests to get Mastery and Training Medals. Training Medals can be redeemed for valuable items (such as Roman furniture) in the Caravan Market for a limited time.

[Double Blueprints]

  1. Players who are part of a 2-player cohabitation can craft Double Building Blueprints using the Double Blueprint feature; 
  2. Manor Owners and Roommates can use the building materials in their possession to construct buildings in Blueprint mode. They can also construct complete buildings from Blueprints if they meet the material requirements.

[Other Content and New Rules]

  1. Trading system has been adjusted. Survivors can trade items in Trade City after reaching Manor Lv.3; 
  2. Fish fry have been released into rivers in the central Levin City Outskirts. You can now fish there; 
  3. Fixed the issue where there wasn't enough distance to take pictures of the foundations in the Levin City Outskirts; 
  4. Fixed the issue in cohabitation mode where Survivors couldn't select ingredients of their own by default when cooking; 
  5. Due to data storage issues, there's now a limit on how many Lockers Survivors can put in their Manors; 
  6. Fixed the issue where buildings like Barricades were left behind when players moved out of the Levin City Outskirts; 
  7. Fixed the issue where Survivors who lived in the Levin City Outskirts couldn't access their Lockers remotely from the City Center; 
  8. Fixed the issue where, occasionally, Survivors couldn't get out of water if they were following their roommates. The on-land performance of the Follow function has also been optimized; 
  9. Fixed the issue where the Love Tree wouldn't take damage in certain situations. Now, damaged Love Trees can be quickly repaired and won't wither.