Endless Tower Guide - Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Endless Tower Guide - Ragnarok M: Eternal Love by NewStat.Icu

Endless Tower is one of the modes in Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love. In this mode you can fight various types of monsters that come in groups in several parts (Wave) in the Tower.

Endless Tower is a weekly event and is a great opportunity to farm rare items and also Zeny. Let's look at a more detailed explanation about Endless Tower, how to get into Endless Tower, as well as tips, tricks and strategies!

Endless Tower

In Endless Tower, you will fight groups of monsters starting from the 1st floor to a maximum of 100 or until you and all team members die. Drop items that you will get vary on each floor. MVP monsters will appear in every 10th floor while Mini Boss will appear randomly on each floor.

Endless Tower Guide - Ragnarok M: Eternal Love by NewStat.Icu

Endless Tower is the best place for farming rare materials such as Raccoon Leaf from Smokies, Fabric from Ghostring and also rare Equipment. Here you will not get EXP and Stamina is not used.

Boss (MVP / Mini) will appear on the same floor in each channel. You can see a constantly updated list of Boss Endless Tower appearances on the ROGuard page.

Reset time

Endless Tower will reset once a week ie Monday at 05:00 WIB. Every floor that you have successfully conquered will not bring up the Rewards again until the reset time arrives unless the floor you have not yet conquered.

In Endless Tower, you can help a friend or a Guild member and get a Friendship Token! The list of monsters that appear on each floor will also be reset every Monday.

How to enter the Endless Tower

Endless Tower Guide - Ragnarok M: Eternal Love by NewStat.Icu

When your character reaches level 52, talk to the Port Captain NPC in Izlude. Choose the last option, Origin of Tower, and it will teleport you to Endless Island.

Endless Tower Guide - Ragnarok M: Eternal Love by NewStat.Icu

Walk towards the north until you find a unique small brown building known as an NPC named Stele with Year. Talk to him to open access to Endless Tower. Before entering the Endless Tower, it is recommended not to go alone. Invite your friends!

Team Composition

Endless Tower Guide - Ragnarok M: Eternal Love by NewStat.Icu

The ideal composition suggested for exploring Endless Tower is Tanker, Damage Dealer, Crowd Controller and Support. Here are tips & tricks for using each class while in Endless Tower:

Job: Knight, Paladin

Use Provoke to take all damage from monsters while protecting team members
Use MVP / Mini Boss Transformation Scrolls to get a lot of extra HP
Use Honey to regenerate HP

DPS / Damage Dealer
Job: Assassin, Hunter, Blacksmith, Rogue, Monk

The task of this class is to launch an attack with as much damage
Be sure to target the monsters that attack the tankers first
Don't forget to use element tactics! Know their weaknesses!

Crowd Control
Job: Wizard

Spam the Storm Gust skill and leave the skill at level 1 so you can use it quickly
Storm Gust is best used to attack MVP monsters with their minions appearing, so you and your team can focus on MVP
Also use Stone Curse
Make sure you are at the very back. Remember, you must be able to position yourself well

Job: Priest

Auto-Resu and Auto Heal
Use Safety Wall and Heal Tank

Strategy to Defeat MVP Monsters

The strategy that is often used to defeat MVP monsters is usually called Stay Alert. Hunter, Wizard and Priest will use Stay Alert at the bottom of the stairs (top left corner) while Tanks and other Melee classes will draw MVP attention to the bottom right corner (top floor).

In this way, the Ranged class (long range) can attack from a safe distance while the Priest can do his Healing tasks casually.

Slave Priest

If you want to explore Endless Tower alone, you can conquer it up to the range of the 30th floor. The best job to do this is Hunter / Sniper. Some players have claimed that they can conquer the 70-80 floor using the Slave Priest you know! Make sure you set Auto-Heal, Ressurect and Kyrie!

Additional Tips & Tricks

Endless Tower Guide - Ragnarok M: Eternal Love by NewStat.Icu

  • Don't forget to bring the Leaf of Yggdrassil item for emergencies!
  • Don't forget to eat Dish and Cooked Food 
  • Use Fly Wings to escape! 
  • Stamina does not count in Endless Tower 
  • Lightning Chain does not affect the level of Drop items and EXP (you will not get EXP in Endless Tower) 
  • Drop items are shared equally among all team members, this means that you and your team members have the same chance to get item drops from the monster 
  • Don't forget to use the camera to take photos especially MVP and Mini monsters! 
  • Mercenary paint cannot be used inside Endless Tower 
  • You can use a Pet in Endless Tower but it is recommended to set it to Egg mode to prevent unwanted things like accidentally attracting monsters' attention 
  • Reaching Endless Tower on floor 70 is a requirement to get Adventurer Rank C 
  • You can join other people who have reached the highest floor so you can ignore the other floors and still get item drops! 
  • You can use the Ancient Tower Golden Ejector items to instantly conquer certain floors. Ancient Tower Golden Ejector can be purchased using Adventure Meatball