Tips, tricks, and strategies for playing Utopia: Origin

Build a house near Beacon Portal

Tips, tricks, and strategies for playing Utopia: Origin

In this game you can build many facilities, such as furnace, workbench, anvil, forge, vehicle workbench, and many more. Instead of putting all these facilities in a random location, it would be better if you place them at home. So, you better build a house to put these facilities. Gather resources for items needed to build a house, such as floors, roofs, walls, stairs, doors, and so on.

Get a horse as soon as possible

A horse that has been successfully tamed can help you to do long distances and collect valuable rare items. This is better than walking that takes time, especially when traveling long distances. So, to get fast progress in this game, you better tame the horses as soon as possible, give them carrots and use the saddle to catch it.

Use a backpack

There are some very rare items that you won't find near the portal beacon area. You have to explore the many islands on the map to get these items. Before you go to a distant area, make sure to make a backpack and bring important resources, such as baked food, wood to make weapons, and drinks.

Get the item back when respwan

If you die in the game, you will respawn (you can choose to teleport tower), if no one comes to help. All the items in the backpack will be lost, but you can get back all the items by visiting the same place. You will find a bag there, but you must hurry because the time is limited.

Tips, tricks, and strategies for playing Utopia: Origin

The use of Magic Wand

Magic Wand is the best item to restore HP. You can make it with 10 pieces of wood and one magnet. After that, you must draw a symbol on the Magic Wand to activate the magic. Here's how: Select Equip on the magic wand -> tap the ‘green wand’ icon at the bottom right to open the pad -> draw a circle symbol -> tap the check button -> hold for a few seconds and this can restore your cellphone. There are several other symbols, the following types of symbols and their explanations:

  1. Circle: To heal / restore HP. 
  2. Triangles: Can summon dryads when aiming Magic Wand at trees, can also summon Rock Monsters when pointing Magic Wand at rocks. 
  3. ightning: Use when in PvP Mode to fight enemies, can bring lightning and make ore magic. 
  4. Square: If directed to the ground will slow down your movements and other players in PvP Mode. Conversely, if in Peace Mode, this will speed up your movements. In addition, if directed to the silver mine, it will turn into an ice magic mine and if hit with a wooden club will turn into an ancient battlefield enchant stone. 
  5. Heart or Fire: Change the silver mine to become a fire magic mine and use a wooden club to get a steam stone.
  6. V upside down: Aim up, you can fly.

That's the tips, tricks, and strategies to play Utopia: Origin.