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Levin Migration LifeAfter New Update

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Dear Survivors,
This is Radio 101 transmitting across all AM frequencies, calling all survivors.
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Here are the details of this update:

[Levin Migration]

The Levin Migration Plan is divided into 4 stages: Raising, Construction, Combat and Auction.


  1. The camp still doesn't have the technology to fix the rail tracks. We must raise materials from all of our camp members and request help from Scientia. The Scientia support team will arrive at "Central Station" at 19:00 the night when the supplies are collected. 
  2. Migration Contribution: Participate in the Raising stage to get Migration Contribution Points. You will receive a Gold Bar bonus that corresponds to your Contribution points when the Migration Plan is completed.


  1. Every night between 19:00-22:00, the Scientia support team will arrive at the Central Station to the east of camp. 
  2. Industrial Workbench: The Scientia support team will provide an Industrial Workbench on which Survivors can craft "Track Curing Compound". The Curing Compound can be taken to the damaged parts of the railway to repair the tracks. 
  3. Workbench Lubricant: When making items on a Workbench, Lubricant is consumed. If there is insufficient Lubricant, items cannot be made. The Scientia support team will fully refill the Lubricant every day. Once it runs out, it will only become available again the next day. 
  4. Special Infected: When fixing the tracks, the Special Infected will try to attack you. The Special Infected has strong survivability. They will not disappear and instead become stunned when their HP falls to 50%, and will come to life with full HP after a while. It's difficult to completely eliminate the Special Infected at this stage. Please make full use of the stun mechanic to complete the track repairs. 
  5. Migration Contribution: Use Curing Compound, and fire at the Special Infected to get Migration Contribution points. You will receive a Gold Bars bonus that corresponds to your Migration Contribution when the Migration Plan is completed.


  1. 24 hours after fixing the tracks, the Special Infected will return and launch a deadly strike at the Levin City Outskirts Station. All camps, please prepare yourself for combat. 
  2. Scientia will send a team to help your camp completely eliminate the Special Infected! External assistance can be requested during combat. During combat, weapon durability wear decreases by 90%, while Combat Mastery Gain remains the same. 
  3. Migration Contribution: Attack the Special Infected to get Contribution Points. You will receive a Gold Bar bonus that corresponds to your Contribution Points when the Migration Plan is completed.


  1. Once the railway is opened, auctions for 5 Double Manors will become available. This is an internal activity that only members of the camp can take part in. Currency used: Gold Bars. 
  2. The auction event will end at 21:00 the next day. The system won't charge any fees. 50% of the Gold Bars obtained from the auction will be converted into the successful bidder's property deposit (the citizen will have the deposit refunded when they leave the camp). In addition, the other 50% of the Gold Bars will be used as a bonus, calculated and paid based on the citizens' Construction point ratio. 
  3. Only members of this camp can get bonuses. If a Survivor has some Migration Contribution Points from another camp but has left it, they won't receive the bonus from that camp. 
  4. Each survivor can only claim bonuses once. If they have claimed a Levin Migration bonus from other camps, they will get the corresponding amount of New Dollars. 
  5. After the end of the auction, the citizens who have usage rights for the Double Manor can instantly move to it and enjoy a long-lost city life. 
  6. Special Achievements and Titles: All the citizens of the first camp that completes the Levin Migration Plan on the server will be given the title "Migration Vanguard" and the achievements that go with it.


  1. After achieving cohabitation, you both get an exclusive Love Tree. The Love Tree can be watered 1 time(s) by yourself and trimmed 1 time(s) by your roommate every day. You can pick the fruit once this is complete. 
  2. After cohabitation occurs, roommates can use the Two-player Action - Hug every day to restore some durability of the clothes they are currently wearing. 
  3. After cohabitation occurs, you can travel to your roommate from a distance via "Go" once you team up with your roommate. (Complete your Cross-map Transfer via the Team-up page; travel in the same Scenario via the Map page). It should be noted that this feature is available in the camp, Hope 101 and normal wilderness scenarios, but unavailable in stages and some special scenarios. 
  4. After Cohabitation occurs, you can "follow" your roommate once you team up with them. There is a distance limitation for this function. If your roommate is too far away, the follow status will be cancelled. 

[Chinese New Year]

  1. New Outfit - Lucky Rat is now available for purchase in the Mall. Enjoy a limited-time discount during the event. Purchase the outfit to get a bonus exclusive action; 
  2. Go to Fall Forest to unlock quests from each stage and get abundant rewards 
  3. During the event, players can claim a massive amounts of rewards by signing in every day 
  4. During the event, the Chinese character for "Fortune" will appear in your camp center and Hope 101. You can obtain one sticker at random by taking a photo of the "Fortune" character. You can get up to 5 stickers per day.  After you collect a total of 5 Window Decorations, you can claim aNew Year Lucky Bag. 
  5. Players can go to Hope 101 to participate in the Cooking Contest from 10:00-14:00 and 17:00-21:00 every day. You can only participate once for each time period 
  6. uo Training is now available. You can invite a friend to train with you. 

From January 24th to February 5th

  1. You can claim Manor Spring Festival Decorations for free every day! 
  2. Limited Sale of Classic Spring Festival Furniture at the Caravan Market 
  3. Red Packets will be available. You can take part on the Camp Channel! 
  4. Speed legend. New Vehicles are here. 
  5. 1 Sky Lantern can be received for free from Evelyn at  the Obelisk in Levin City every day; Use Sky Lanterns to make a Wish and Wish Item, or invite 1 nearby survivor to release the lantern with you. Both you and the survivor can make a wish. The Sky Lantern will then carry your wish or wishes into the sky. 
  6. From January 31st to February 5th, players may spend a number of tokens to exchange for 100 New Dollars and roll a dice once. The value of the dice will correspond to the reward displayed in the slot.


  1. Vehicles can be accessed in Camp, Manor, and Reward Quest zones. 
  2. After obtaining a vehicle, you may set it up as an "easy access" vehicle through the garage. Each survivor may set up to three vehicles as easy access vehicles, and then you may place your easy access vehicles at the main interface.  
  3. Each type of vehicle has its own source of fuel. When the fuel ran out, you can no longer access it. 
  4. The HP of the vehicle will increase as your combat level increases. 
  5. 92 Petrol can be crafted through Portable Formula.   
  6. The operator of the vehicle has no access to their weapon while the passenger may use weapons such as Assault Rifles and Shotguns. 
  7. When a vehicle hits an enemy unit, it will deal damage; when it hits an obstacle, it will damage the passenger and the vehicle itself; when the vehicle is destroyed, the passengers will be injured severely. 
  8. The owner of the vehicle may authorize the operating and accessing permission of the vehicle. 
  9. After the vehicle is destroyed or submerged in water, please wait #60 seconds before you can reset it as an easy access vehicle again; If the vehicle is retrieved manually, please wait 30 seconds before you can reset it as an easy access vehicle again.