Karakin, the new map on PUBG Mobile Will Be replacing Vikendi


Karakin, the new map replacing Vikendi

PUBG will have a new map, Karakin. This map is a desert-themed map like Miramar.

Karakin will most likely be launched together with Season Six from PUBG. Other news says that this map will replace Vikendi.

When a player asks the PUBG community manager Hawkinz on Twitter about replacing the Vikendi map, the manager replies by saying, "Vikendi is also my favorite map! Unfortunately, not for most players. You will hear more details about what was in Season 6 after we released the patch note the following day.

"It's my favorite map too! Unfortunately, it isn't for most players.
You'll hear more details about what's in Season 6 (or what isn't) once we release the patch notes in the next day or so.
- Hawkinz (@Hawkinz) January 14, 2020."

Hawkinz then gave a little clarity about the deletion of the Vikendi folder. He revealed through a tweet that Vikendi will be "replaced" when the latest season starts but this will not be a permanent change. Players can still enjoy the snowy map of Vikendi on the custom match.

"Vikendi will be rotating out when Season 6 begins, but not permanently.
You can of course still play Vikendi in custom matches.
We'll have more information soon.
- Hawkinz (@Hawkinz) January 14, 2020."

It seems that PUBG Corp decided to use the map rotation feature. The duration of matchmaking will increase if five maps are available. To prevent this from happening, only four maps can be played in a classic match.