Fortnite Presents Remedy Vs Toxin Skin Set

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 presents Remedy Vs Toxin skin set via Overtime Challenge

Fortnite Presents Remedy Vs Toxin Skin Set

Fortnite players seem to have to wait for the next big update from Epic Games because Season 1 has now been extended.

However, while waiting for the Fortnite players will remain busy because now has the opportunity to get prizes through the Overtime Challenge that has been announced by the Fortnite Team.

The first week's challenge was the Remedy Vs Toxin mission which presented 10 different challenges to get the Remedy vs Toxin skin set which is a Rare Outfit Style that can only be obtained by the current Battle Pass owners.

Fortnite Presents Remedy Vs Toxin Skin Set

Here is a list of challenges from Remedy Vs Toxin:
  • Visit Various Food Trucks (0/3) 
  • Get the Silver Survivor Medal (0/3) 
  • Eliminate opponents using SMG (0/3) 
  • Look for crates in the Landmark (0/7) 
  • Achieved 100 health and shields (0/2) 
  • Deal damage using common, uncommon, and rare weapons in one match (0/3) 
  • Deal damage to enemy structures (0 / 2,500) 
  • Visit the bus stop in one game (0/3) 
  • Get the Weapon Specialist title by dealing damage with several different weapons (0/5) 
  • Be the first player to catch fish, land from a battle bus, or drop an opponent (0/1)
Fortnite Presents Remedy Vs Toxin Skin Set

Most of the challenges presented are fairly easy, but some of them are quite complicated, such as the location of Food Trucks which tend to vary. Players can search around Pleasant Park, Salty Springs, and between Frenzy Farm and Lazy Lake.

For those who are wondering when Season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 2 will begin, some data-miners have found related content, where new updates are scheduled to be present between the first and second week of February 2020.

Usually, the length of the season at Fortnite can be measured by the time the Battle Pass usually lasts for two months.