Carmilla, not just support on Mobile Legends

Carmilla, New Hero on Mobile Legends

Carmilla, New Hero on Mobile Legends

The latest hero has reappeared in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He is Carmilla. A mage with role support.

Indeed, role support has not appeared in many MLBBs. Even those who actually enter meta can be said to be only Kaja and Lolita at the moment. Now more often mages are used as support. Call it Valir, Selena, and Pharsa.

No doubt Moonton finally released hero support. But interestingly Carmilla is no ordinary support. He can be a support hero with very painful damage.

This is related to the skills they have. the passive vampire pact can reduce the enemy's physical and magical defense when he attacks.

The other skill is arguably the main one. In the Crimson Flower skill, Carmila summoned two bats that flew around her and dealt damage to enemies who hit her. Enemies affected by magic damage will be slowed to 30 percent. Carmilla's movement speed also increases to 25 percent when using it. Even Carmilla's HP will be restored when bats attack enemies.

Switch to skill 2, Bloodbath. Carmilla emits a large amount of energy that can stun enemies.

The most special thing is clearly in the ultimate hero. Curse of Blood thrown will create energy that is connected between adjacent enemies. In addition to dealing magic damage to all attached enemies, it also has a slow effect on them. Carmilla's next attack can be connected to all of the Curse of Blood's energy.