Best Android Mmorpg Games Without Autoplay And Auto Quest 2020

Best Android Mmorpg Games Without Autoplay And Auto Quest 2020

Below are android games without autoplay which are still crowded and are the most widely played until now.

[SF] Stellacept Online

Stellacept Online is one of the android mmorpg games without auto play, auto attack and the best auto quest until now. The players must move manually to collect items in the form of Gold, equipment, and weapons by defeating the bosses of large monsters that are in each Map, which is in the game.

Players can also trade / exchange items with other players or can also buy directly on "Stroage" which is the auction market in this game (android mmorpg with trading system). Joining the Guild and strengthening the character so that you can conquer the map bosses is one of the challenging and exciting goals.

In addition you can also choose characters with different classes such as Blade, Blaster, Sphere, Glaive, Launcer, Disk, Vice, Chaser and Ranger or can also combine several classes as you like as Sub characters.

World of Prandis

World Of Prandis is a mmorpg game that can be played on Android devices for free, this game presents the typical features of a classic RPG where we can choose the sidejob we want like Blacksmith, Alchemy, and Fishing which are rarely found in other android games, and can choose several classes such as Warrior, Paladin, Hunter, Assassin, Mage and Warlock.

In this game we can also exchange items such as Equip and gold, and buy and sell these items on the auction market or directly on the NPC that has been provided.

WoP is an android game without auto play, no auto attack, and without auto quest so it's really manual in strengthening the character, if you want to move somewhere we can use fast travel services or fly directly using the mount.

Toram Online

Toram Online is one of the longest and most popular mmorpg games and the most widely played on Android devices.
MMORPG players moved a lot and settled in this game because there were no auto play, auto attack and auto quest features, so it made the sensation of playing the game very pleasant.

We are also presented with several choices to make the characters look different, when you first create the characters in this game we can customize the characters themselves, such as hair style, gender, character height, skin color, hair color, eyes and more.

We are also presented with several choices of weapons that want to be used such as swords, staff, knuckles, bow and others. You can adventure completing Quests, collecting items, making weapons to strengthen the character to be able to conquer the map boss without using the auto play feature.

AdventureQuest 3D (AQ3D)

AQ3D is a realtime 3D mmorpg game that can be downloaded and played on android devices for free. This game does not have Autoplay and auto quest features like most other android games.

AQ3D also has a multi-class feature that provides various class options such as Warrior, Rogue, Mage, Guardian, and so on.

We can also interact with other players with the chat feature provided, as well as crafting with materials that can be obtained when conquering monsters or completing quests, this is very useful for increasing stats to become stronger.

Some Android games have been around for a long time, but the number of players playing the game is increasing and the developers are always updating and giving interesting events, so that the players don't get bored quickly when playing it.

Utopia: Origin

Utopia Origin is the newest open world mmorpg Android game that you can download as well play for free. In this game we can build houses, explore each area, capture and tame animals, make Equip, trade (trade) with other players and much more.

This Utopia Origin Android game does not have an auto play feature so you are fully manual in playing the Android game.


LifeAfter is the latest game produced by NetEase Games which is a survival genre and is an English version of the previous game entitled The Day After Tomorrow.
An Android game without auto play and auto attack. which tells of human survival in the post-virus apocalyptic world.

Chaotic world, extreme weather, and surviving the zombie virus attack are things that we will encounter in this game.

Combined with the NeoX engine which enhances the playing experience for the better and the original sound effects make the game more exciting and tense.