Apex Legends mobile release 2021

Apex Legends mobile release 2021

The phenomenon of mobile games that keeps sticking out is a concern of many big game developers. The success of several mobile game genres made those big names start to look at this market.

Some time ago Call of Duty Mobile was released and immediately boomed. League of Legends mobile will certainly be present next year. Not stopping there, Electronic Arts saw this potential.

At the EA Conference Call some time ago, they claimed to be working on Apex Legends for mobile. According to EA CEO Andrew Wilson, EA will launch Apex Legends mobile in 2021.

Even so there is no more detailed information about the cultivation of Apex mobile. EA seems increasingly encouraged after the PC and console versions of Apex Legends penetrated 70 million players.

According to India Today, Apex Legends mobile will have a similar concept in terms of gameplay with PUBG mobile. Even so the acceleration of Apex Legends mobile is believed to be more towards Fortnite than PUBG.

Apex Legends is now arguably the main core for EA. They are even ready to develop this game to be in harmony with Playstation 5 and Project Scarlett.