Trade Federation Membership

What is Trade Federation Membership?

This is a premium membership that lasts 30 days upon purchase. As of this writing, this costs around $4.99 (USD). Federation Members get the following perks and benefits (updated as of August 01, 2019).

  • Instant 300 Fed Credits upon purchasing the 30-day membership 
  • backpack Slots +2, Food Pack +2 
  • Free resource shipping for valuables and rares +20 slots 
  • Double sign-in rewards 
  • Limited-time VIP Price for some special items in the Mall. 
  • Number of item slots for trading +3 
  • Trade City tax reduced by 5% (if you use remote access to Trade City using any TV) 
  • Trade City tax reduced by 10% (if you personally visit Trade City to sell your items)

Federation Members are also entitled to receive new dollars, skill points, free premium food items, and resource chests DAILY. The amount of money and skill points, and the resources members will get will depend on their Gathering Level. The higher gathering level you have, the better the rewards. You can see the rewards for your gathering level range by tapping the chest icon in the lower right corner.

How to purchase or extend Federation Membership?

  1. Access the Mall. 
  2. Tap to the Membership tab. 
  3. Tap purchase. Take note that you must have a valid payment method tied to your Google Play account to make a purchase. 
  4. Existing Federation Members can also “repeat purchase” even if they still have remaining days of membership. 
Everytime you renew your membership, you’ll also get the 300 Fed Credit bonus. This membership can be extended up to 60 days.

How to Redeem Daily Member Packs?

To redeem these free daily gifts, Federation Members should do the following:

  1. Access the Mall. 
  2. Tap to the Membership tab. 
  3. Press the Claim button in the lower-right corner.

Resource chests are added to your backpack and food items to the Food Pack upon claiming. If your backpack or food pack is full, they will be sent to your mailbox instead.

So, is it worth getting Federation Membership?

If you’re a regular player, then yes, this is pretty much a very beneficial boost to have. The fed credits you’ll get is already a bonus and the daily member pack you’ll get will definitely ease up your progress as you grind your way to the higher levels.