The Meaning of the term Build Status in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

This is the Meaning of the term Build Status in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

For those of you who are new to playing Ragnarok M Eternal Love and confused when faced with an increase in build status, here we will give enlightenment to you.

There are 6 build statuses in Ragnarok M Eternal Love, namely STR, AGI, VIT, INT, DEX and LUK.

So, the build status is different for each job, for example Blacksmiths derived from Merchant jobs require STR and DEX to increase attacks.

Well, for those of you who don't understand the meaning of these terms!

  • STR (strength)

STR is useful for increasing attack power or melee attack.

In addition, this STR is also used to measure the strength of the characters you have in the Ragnarok game.

Str increases player's Atk (Attack) and also adds strength to carry items (weight).

Calculation, every 1 STR = 1 Attack, but every 10 STR = 10 Attack.

  • AGI (agility)

This one is useful for increasing attack speed and flee rate.

What is flee? Flee is a character's skill to avoid being hit by regular attacks and most melee skills.

Every 1 AGI = 1 Flee Rate and every 4 AGI = 1 ASPD.

So, you can avoid when attacked by monsters, but a high level of evasion does not affect magic attacks.

  • VIT (vitality)

VIT is useful for increasing max HP, HP Regen speed and your def or defense.

Every 1 VIT = 653 HP and 1 VIT = 1 def.

VIT status is very important for every character, because the higher the number of VIT, then you can survive and the number of your HP can be even greater.

  • INT (intelligence)

This status is useful for increasing Magic Attack (MAtk), Magic Defense (MDef), max SP and Mana speed recovery.

Every 1 INT = 2 Matk, but every 5 INT = 14 Matk and 1 INT value also = 1 MDef and every 1 INT = 11 SP.

This status is also very much needed by characters who have Magic skills like you guys who are in the Mage job and also the sequel jobs.

  • DEX (dexterity)

This status is useful for increasing attacks, increasing hits and ASPD.

Every 1 DEX = 1 Hit, while every 5 DEX = 1 Attack and every 12 DEX = 1 ASPD.

A high amount of Dex can affect the length of time to cast a skill, so the higher the DEX value the faster the skill or spell will be casting.

  • LUK (luck)

LUK is useful for increasing crit, critdef, and abnormal hit conditions.

Every 4 Luk = 1 Critical.

So, if you want to add critical, you must increase your LUK status.

Well, that was an explanation of the terms in the build status in Ragnarok M Eternal Love. If you already understand the terms above, surely it will not be wrong to raise your build status.