10 Basic Instructions Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love for Beginners

Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG) can be said to be one game genre that has always been the choice of many gamers. Ragnarok, Seal, Dragon Nest, and many more MMORPG type games that have triumphed in internet cafes.

Now, from the list of games that many have a mobile version, one of which is Ragnarok. Now you can find Ragnarok on the Play Store with the name Ragnarok M: Eternal Love.

Before you install this game on a cellphone, you should know a few basic things you need to do as a beginner in this game. Check out more!

1. Determine the Job

Like most MMORPG games, before starting the game you need to choose a job for your character. In Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, you can choose six jobs that would suit your playing style.

The six jobs, namely:
  • Swordman 
  • Thief 
  • Archer 
  • Mage 
  • Acolyte 
  • Merchant
Then, if you want to change jobs, you need to reach level 10 by leveling first. It's easy to do, which is to auto-attack the surrounding monsters.

2. Complete the Quest

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love has many quests that you can complete, from the trivial to the difficult. When you first play, do the quest marked in red, because this is the main quest.

You can also do a monster wave quest if your stamina reaches 100, after grinding level. In addition you can do quests in the adventure book.

3. Join the Guild

Immediately join the guild. Guilds are very important in this game, if there are no guilds you will have difficulty completing the game. From the guild you will do quests and hunting with guild members, and there are many other activities that you can do.

You can also create your own guild, but you need to reach level 20 first to do it.

4. Join the Party

Join the party and make friends with many other players. In a party you will be fast to nik level because there is a level sharing feature. Perform difficult quests with the party.

You can also make a party with your friends so that you more easily coordinate about the choice of jobs in the party.

5. Apply the First Job Class at Level 10

The selection of jobs you choose at the start of the game will only start when you reach level 10. You will be instructed to go to Prontera and follow the markers on the map, until you reach Adventurer’s League HQ.

There you will meet with Adventure’s Guilds mentors, Higgy Eez, and other characters who represent each class. After you decide on your new job, you will be sent to a combat test. After that there will be a job change ceremony.

6. Hunting Wormtail

When you reach level 18, do a Wormtail auto-hunt located in Prontera North Field. Wormtail is a fairly weak monster, but it can give you a decent amount of experience, 220 base exp and 148 job exp.

7. Perform Rift Riving and Pet Adventure Book Missions

This rift riving mission is a mission that you can only do five times a day. So, you can still do the mission in the future.

After doing a rift riving mission, do a pet mission to get an pet adventure book that can give you a base and job exp. While waiting for the pet adventure book, go to the quest board to do another mission.

8. Visit Monster Watcher

Next, if you want to raise your level and exp quickly, you can go to the monster watcher every day. Monster Watcher will tell you the location of the quest that will give you 10 times the experience.

However, the quest of this monster watcher still has its limits, you can only visit the location twice a day.

9. Check Adventure Book

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love also gives you a feature called Adventure Book. This book contains activities that you do during the adventure. The monsters that you fight, pet, headgear, and achievements that you can get will be recorded in this book.

You can add your own achievements manually in this book. Then, you can get adventure experience and coin eden.

10. Visit the Mission Boards

In your adventures, many mission boards are scattered in the city. Visit the mission boards to get missions that will give you lots of Zeny and exp.

After completing the quest, make sure you return to the mission boards to take the reward from the quest.

Already understand what you need to do to play Ragnarok M: Eternal Love? The more often you play, surely you will find any gaps that you have to do so that your game level rises quickly.