Easy Tips to Win Playing Call of Duty Mobile

Tips for Beginners Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty fans can download this game for free on the Google Play Store and App Store. Well, this time we will discuss tips for novice players Call of Duty Mobile.

1. Setting control

The first thing you have to do is do the control settings. This is important to do so that you are familiar with the controls.

In addition, in this game there are two shooting modes, automatic and manual (Advance). So, you have to choose which mode you want to use.

In this control setting you also adjust sensitivity according to taste.

2. Setting loudout the weapon

Loudout important weapons you use when playing multiplayer. Here you can set the type of weapon you want to use, starting from the primary weapon and the secondary secondary weapon.

3. Must keep moving

In this game you must continue to move, especially in 5v5 multiplayer mode. Why keep moving? The reason is that the enemy is not easy to aim at you.

In addition, in this multiplayer mode, many enemies make movements and are difficult to detect. By continuing to move the enemy will be difficult to incapacitate you.

4. Differentiate modes

In the game there are many modes, both in multiplayer mode and Battle Royale.

In 5v5 multiplayer mode, there are three sub modes, namely Frontline, Team Deathmatch, and Bomb Mission. Each mode must also use a different strategy.

Then in Battle Royale mode you have to have good cooperation between the members.

5. Play in many folders

Well, finally, you have to play in many maps. Because, you can learn and know strategic locations to aim at enemies or hide.

By mastering many maps, you can easily win in Call of Duty Mobile.