Call of Duty Mobile Zombie Mode Coming Soon

Game maker Call of Duty (CoD) Mobile, Activision, plans to bring "zombie" hunting mode to the smartphone game in the near future.

This is known from the information that was revealed by Activision on the Reddit site and the Twitter social network.

"(Zombies) will be present in the grip (CoD Mobile) before you realize it," said Activision on the Reddit website, without explaining the mechanism of this zombie mode gameplay on CoD Mobile.

However, just like the essence of hunting zombies in the Call of Duty series on PC and the "Survive Till Dawn" mode on PUBG Mobile, chances are that how to play zombie mode on CoD Mobile will also be similar, which is trying to survive as long as possible from "undead" attacks.

Not yet known whether this mode will be a permanent addition or just enlivening CoD Mobile as a special event.

Call of Duty Mobile Zombie Mode Coming Soon

The zombie creature itself has actually become an element in the CoD Mobile game.

Instead of being present in a mode, a group of zombies will help to attack other players if the user uses a character that has the "Clown" skill in "Battle Royale" mode.

In addition to delivering a zombie mode update, the Activision also said that they would present support for playing using a gamepad (controller) to the game.

Gamepad support actually was launched as a feature when the game was first released. However, a few moments later, the feature was removed for no apparent reason.

Ak Activision said that he was working on a gameplay mechanism using a controller in this game, especially in a competitive matchmaking environment.

Various updates are confirmed to be present this November, but it is uncertain when. We wait.