Upgrade Formula for Weapons and Armor LifeAfter

How to Add Upgrade Formula to Weapons and Armor

You can apply the Upgrade Formula to your weapon, armor, or helmet during the crafting process. Before you craft your gear, look to the lower-right portion of the gear’s details screen.

Tap the Formula+ Available sign. Select the Formula+ you want to apply and if you have the displayed upgrade materials, confirm. Proceed to craft your gear and the Formula Upgrade will be added automatically to the gear once it’s finished.

You can still apply the Upgrade Formula to your existing gears. You can do this by doing the following: 
  1. Open your backpack. 
  2. Select the gear you want to upgrade. 
  3. Tap the Upgrade button in the lower right. 
  4. Select the Weapon Formula. 
  5. If you have the upgrade materials, just select upgrade. The effect will be added immediately.

You only need to apply one Upgrade Formula per gear once. If you want to overwrite an existing Upgrade Formula on your gear, you have to spend the necessary materials again.

How to Get Reagents, Crystals, Film, and Components?

These components are needed for re-researching existing Upgrade Formulas and apply the effects to your gears. You can get them from the following sources:

  1. Private camp Weapon Merchant (Reagents and Crystals costs dollars and camp contribution; Film requires camp contribution and gold bars). 
  2. Stronghold Battle NPCs (exchange for Exploit, currency for completing Stronghold Battles). 
  3. Camp Military Drills. 
  4. Buy from the in-game Mall. 
  5. Security Point Exchange in your Vault. 
  6. Get from gifts sent by certain NPCs after increasing their Favorability.