Special Forces "Training" Using Game of Call of Duty

SAS Special Forces "Training" with Game of Call of Duty

The famous British special forces, SAS, apparently likes to play shooting video games like Call of Duty. The goal is none other than to hone their fighting skills.

Quoted from Mirror, SAS members play Call of Duty at least 4 hours a day. Various scenarios in the game, for example raiding houses or hiding in the bush, are considered to help them, at least for warming up.

Video games today are very realistic and are quite accurate in reflecting what modern battles are like.

He claimed to have been in a situation, especially in an urban environment, which was not too different from scenes in games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

"If you get killed in a game, you can look at the situation and ask why making certain decisions. The game increases your alertness," he said.

SAS forces began experimenting with video games after learning that Formula 1 racers also used simulators in preparation before competing.

"Playing the game is not for everyone and there will always be those who say it's a waste of time, but if it really helps to save people's lives, then no problem," he said.

Source : detik.com