New Event Training and Fearless Adventure

New Update Oct 10. Official update notes are found here.

Other Feature and Content Updates

  1. Level 21-25 difficulty is now available for Infected Invasion. The difficulty of Level 1-20 has been reduced. Some elite monsters now have weak spots. The Manors' maximum damage during Infected Invasion has now been reduced. 
  2. Added Upgrade Formulas for all buildings. 
  3. Elevator shafts now have damage models.

Fearless Adventure

New Event Training and Fearless Adventure

Event Stages

For more details about this event, tap the Adventure icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. During this event, you can participate in various activities where you can earn Memorial Coins that can be traded to wonderful loot in the event warehouse.
  • Sudden Infected Rain 
  • Infected Source Survey 
  • Gathering Infected resources 
  • Scientia HQ Assault Defense
Similar to the other world events, this will be divided into different phases or stages. All players that participate in various Fearless Adventure tasks will contribute to the overall survey progress. Once the progress reaches 100%, the next stage will start.

Infected Rain

You’ll encounter brief infected rain showers even on maps where it doesn’t normally rain (Sand Castle, Redwood Town). Staying under this rain will slowly deplete your health, and may also give you a cold.

Contribution Ranking

Participate in various event-related activities to earn Memorial Coins (see below). Your contribution is counted based on the total number of Memorial Coins you have collected (this won’t change even if you exchange your memorial coins for items in the Supply Warehouse. At the end of the event, the top 100 survivors will earn bonus rewards as listed below. The top 5 survivors will have their names etched on the Levin City Obelisk.

Individual players’ contribution points count towards their camp Contribution total. All members of the top 10 camps will receive bonus rewards as listed below.

Supply Warehouse

Trade the memorial coins you collected for valuable items. The most valuable one at the moment is the Limited-time Chest which has a chance to give you limited formula for popular weapons and equipment like Assault Howitzer, Type 95 Assault Rifle, Crimson Armor, Premium Googles and many more.

How to Earn Memorial Coins

Infection Spot Surveys

  • Infected spots are marked on the map. Look for a spot with a green mist emanating from the ground. 
  • Take photos of infected spots to gain a good amount of Crafting mastery, 3 Memorial Coins and 2 Survey Progress (points) per surveyed spot. 
  • You can only take a photo of an infected spot once.
You can only survey up to 5 infected spots per day (applies across all maps)

Gather Infected resources

Infected resource nodes will have blue streaks or colorations on them. Harvest them to get the normal resource and at least one infected resource. There will also be special Mutated Infected roaming around. Their levels will be relevant to the normal infected on the map/area.
  • Infected Stone - Infected Crystal 
  • Infected Berries - Infected Fruit 
  • Infected Hemp - Infected Root, Infected Branch 
  • Mutated Infected - Infected Tissue
Once you collect these, you still have to ship them back to your camp. Infected items are valuables (green) and will count towards your daily shipping limit.

Submit these infected items to Reem in Hope 101 to get 1 Survey Progress (point) per infected item surrendered. Here location will be marked on the map. She’s standing across Matilda and beside the truck. You can get a lot of gathering and combat mastery per infected item you surrender. You can submit a total of 20 infected items per day. You can save the excess infected items and just submit them the following day.

Scientia Assault

The main Scientia HQ in Sand Castle can get assaulted by mutated infected from time to time. Providing support can give you Memorial Coins, new dollars, and rescue chests. (can give you one of the following: 1000 Skill Points, Polymer Coating, and Film Fabric)

Infection Investigation 1

This quest is only available during the first stage. You only need to collect the listed items below; they don’t need to be in your inventory or locker. The ones you’ll collect once you receive this quest will be counted. Infected resources you gathered earlier won’t count.
  • Infected Branch x3 (Infected Hemp (red), in Sand Castle) 
  • Infected Fruit x3 (Infected berries) 
  • Infected Root x3 (Infected Hemp) 
  • Infected Crystal x3 (Infected Stones)
After collecting all the infected resources listed above, you’ll have to get an Infected Tissue, from any of the mutated infected in any map. These can easily identified since they have a different model than what you usually encounter. Due to possible translation issues, Infected Tissue is the same as “infected organization”. This is not a guaranteed drop.

Training Event

How to join the event

All players who log in during the event period is eligible to join the event. Access it by pressing the Training icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Exclusive Currency

The exclusive currency for this event is the Certificate of Honor. You can get this by opening chests in the Chest Pro tasks, leveling up your Chest Expert LV, completing Duo Training tasks, or buying them from the Event Market. (1 Fed Credit= 2 Certificate of Honor) Unused Certificate of Honor will be automatically converted to cash at the end of the event.

New Showdown Costume Available

The Showdown Costume is now available for sale as a set for 1520 credits as a set. If you want to buy the pieces individually, you can buy the costume for 980 credits and the hair for 540 credits. As a staple for other premium costumes, this set includes an exclusive action as well.

Chest Pro

For the duration of the event, you’ll find special small chests floating in the air with the help of balloons or find them floating on water. Shoot the balloons and collect the chests to get points. You’ll get rewards for opening 5, 10, and 15 chests. The amount of daily rewards you’ll get will also depend on your Chest Expert level.

You can open an unlimited number of these special chests daily but you can only earn up to 15 points per day. This limit is lifted along the other daily limitations during the daily reset.

After reaching the required number of opened chests, you can upgrade to the next Chest Expert level and obtain get a one-time reward per Expert Level attained. Your progress will not be Reset and will be counted continuously.
  • Upgrade to Chest Expert LV2: Open 60 chests 
  • Upgrade to Chest Expert LV3: Open XX chests 
  • Upgrade to Chest Expert LV4: Open XX chests


Every day, Scientia will ask you to submit the required set of materials daily in exchange for great rewards. The type of items they will require will be divided into different levels: B, A, and S. The hardest (S), will require more and somewhat rarer resources but the rewards you’ll get will be equally valuable as well.

You can also refresh the required materials and rewards for free twice a day. Succeeding refreshes will require 20 Honor Certificate. The quest you’ll get daily will be randomly set. You can do this from your manor so the materials will be taken directly from your storage lockers.

Lucky Snap-up

For this event feature, you’ll have six different items up for raffle. You can participate by spending 1 Fed Check for a “draw chance”. You can spend more to increase your drawing chances but there’s a limit on how much you can do this.

Each item has a maximum draw chance limit. In the screenshot below, the Combat Chip has a draw chance limit of 2105, while the Medical Chip has 3120. The number to the left of the limit indicates the number of draw chances players collectibly purchased for that item.

If the draw chances reached the limit or the timer for the item runs out, one player who allotted a chance for this item will be randomly selected to win said item, which will be sent to their mail. Players who didn’t win will get 1 of the event-exclusive currency sent to them instead, equals to the number of Fed Credits they spent for participating. Once an item from the list has been awarded to a lucky player, another item will be randomly listed for players to participate in.

Duo Training Event

Invite friends to participate in the event together. Take note that once you selected a training partner, he/she can't be changed anymore. Complete tasks listed to get mastery points, Certificate of Honor, new dollars, and many more. Rewards can only be obtained once. The event-exclusive currency can be traded for various items and resources in the event market.

Event Market

The only exclusive item in the market is the “Shallow” floor that has a dynamic water effect. Other than that, there are no other notable exclusive items here so you may consider trading your event-exclusive currency for rare resources like Formula Shards.