List of 100 Gamers with the highest income

List of 100 Gamers with the highest income

If in the past playing games is often said to be a waste of time, now it seems that the assumption must be changed, the article being a gamer is one of the very promising types of work. The salary offered for pro players is also no joke, translating into billions of rupiah.

With the increasing number of eSport competitions offering prizes of up to billions of rupiah if won, certainly makes many people want to try being a professional gamer. Below is a list of professional eSport players who have managed to profit from their gaming habits.

Welcome to NewsTat, and here are 10 pro richest esports gamers in the world with high income. The income from a professional gamer is indeed very fantastic.

The Richest and Highest Income eSports Pro Gamers in the World

1. Johan “N0tail” Sundstein

  • Game: DOTA 2
  • Date of Birth: October 8, 1993
  • Country: Denmark
  • Total Revenue: USD 6,886,181 or Rp 98 billion
The current position number is still held by N0tail because he has just won back the 2019 International tournament.

Surprisingly after winning The International 2018 N0tail managed to shift Miracle- in second place. Johan "N0tail" Sundstein, a professional gamer from the DotA 2 game from Denmark, started his career as a pro gamers since 2012 with the Fnatic.EU team and now defends OG since 2015.

Together with the OG N0tail team, they often win prestigious games starting from The Frankfurt Major 2015, The Manila Major 2016, The Boston Major 2016, The Kiev Major 2017 won and in each match the prize is more than Rp. 14 Billion. The highlight of the biggest tournament he has won is The International 2018 with a prize of Rp 163 Billion on August 25, 2018. And again won the prestigious tournament The International 2019 on August 25, 2019 yesterday.

2. Johan “N0tail” Sundstein

  • Game: DOTA 2
  • Date of Birth: May 7, 1992
  • Country: Finland
  • Total Revenue: USD 6,468,008 or Rp 92 billion
Jesse Vainikka or better known as JerAx is a Finnish gamer, this one gamer succeeded in shifting gamers who have long survived in this position you know. On August 25, 2019 he had just won the 2019 International tournament with the OG team who brought a prize of USD 15,603,132. Because divided by five, the prize received by JerAx from TI9 amounted to USD 3,120,626 or Rp 44.4 billion.

3. Anathan “ana” Pham

  • Game: DOTA 2
  • Date of Birth: October 26, 1999
  • Country: Australia
  • Total Revenue: USD 6,001,030 or Rp 85.4 billion
Being the youngest richest gamer in the world today Anathan Pham or better known as ana was only 19 years old when he won the 2019 International tournament which made him occupy the third position at this time. The same as N0tail and JerAx, the prize received by TI9 from USD 3,120,626 or IDR 44.4 billion.

4. Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf

  • Game: Fortnite
  • Date of Birth: December 30, 2002
  • Country: United States of America
  • Total Revenue: USD 3,030,300 or Rp 43 billion
This gamer suddenly became a public concern after winning the Fortnite World Cup last month. Kyle Giersdorf defeated 100 of Fortnite's best gamers from around the world, and managed to bring home a prize money of USD 3 million or Rp 42 billion. In addition, what attracts attention is that this one gamer is still very young, you know, he was only 16 years old when he won this tournament.

5. Harrison “psalm” Chang

  • Game: Fortnite
  • Date of Birth: February 6, 1995
  • Country: United States of America
  • Total Revenue: USD 1,946,461 or Rp 27.7 billion
Harrison Chang or better known as psalm is a 24-year-old gamer from the United States who just won second place in the 2019 Fortnite World Cup Finals tournament - Solo brought home money of USD 1.8 million or Rp. 25.6 billion and also currently in position he finished fifth past the gamers who had occupied the position for a long time.

6. David “Aquav2” W

  • Game: Fortnite
  • Date of birth: -
  • Country: Austria
  • Total Revenue: USD 1,568,667 or Rp 22 billion
One more gamer from the game Fortnite named David W or better known as Aquav2 from Austria who won the Fortnite World Cup Finals 2019 - Duo tournament with a prize of USD 3 million, but because he played the team then divided into two prizes so he brought home money of USD 1.5 million or Rp. 21.3 billion.

7. Andreas “Xyp9x” Hojsleth

  • Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Date of Birth: September 11, 1995
  • Country: Denmark
  • Total Revenue: USD 1,476,691 or Rp 21 billion
Xyp9x is a pro gamers of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game, which began its career on October 26, 2012, and is still active with the Astralis team. Total income for being a professional Xyp9x gamers earned USD 1,313,721 if paid Rp.19.1 Billion. Difference of 100 million from position 6 even though one team.

8. Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen

  • Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Date of Birth: March 26, 1993
  • Country: Denmark
  • Total Revenue: USD 1,471,822 or Rp 20.9 billion
Peter Rasmussen with a nickname in the game CS: GO dupreeh started his pro gamer career since September 4, 2012, now aged 25 years. Now Dupreeh is defending the Astralis team, and in 2018 this is the year of Astralis, how can you say that? 24 major tournaments Astralis have taken part in 2018 and 15 tournaments have been won.

During 2018 Astralis has made more than Rp 53 billion in money from tournaments. So in total during his career dupreeh has generated USD 1,310,922 or Rp. 19 Billion.

9. Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok

  • Game: League of Legends
  • Date of Birth: May 7, 1995
  • Country: South Korea
  • Total Revenue: USD 1,217,853 or Rp. 17.3 billion
Lee made the League of Legends (LoL) game to increase the coffers of his money. For LoL players, the name of this player must be familiar.

Lee lined up as the highest earning LoL player in the world. During participating in various tournaments, more than Rp 16 billion went into his pocket.

This also makes him an esport player outside of Dota 2 with the highest salary.

10. Lee “Duke” Ho-seong

  • Game: League of Legends
  • Date of Birth: December 19, 1994
  • Country: South Korea
  • Total Revenue: USD 954,620 or Rp 13.5 billion
Lee Ho-seong, a professional gamers from South Korea, made the League of Legends game his income field. Starting his career in the League of Legends game since 2013 has defended many teams, including SK Telecom T1 in 2015 to 2016.

In 2016 settled in Invictus Gaming until today, while defending Invictus Gaming his career began to reach the top position in 2018, winning the prestigious 2018 World Championship with a prize of Rp 35 billion.

11. Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo

  • Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Date of Birth: May 30, 1991
  • Country: Brazil
  • Total Revenue: USD 942,926.44 or Rp 13.3 billion (Exchange Rate of Rp 14,140)
Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo is one of the Counter Strike: Global Offensive gamers from Brazil. During 2012 he managed to win various tournaments from the game to supply an income of Rp 12.9 billion. This makes it the highest paid gamers in Brazil.

Thanks to that, he later founded an esport organization called Games Academy in the country of his birth. More than 1500 students have registered at the academy. In addition he also made his own tournament for gamers in Brazil.

12. Sasha “Scarlett” Hostyn

  • Game: Heartstone II
  • Date of Birth: December 14, 1993
  • Country: Canada
  • Total Revenue: USD 337,031.44 or Rp 4.7 billion (Exchange Rate of Rp 14,140)
Sasha, who used the nickname Scarlett, became a starcraft game athlete with an income of more than Rp. 4 billion throughout his career. This makes it the highest paid female athlete in the world.

This Canadian woman started her career in 2011 and joined the Zerg team. In addition, Sasha became the first woman to win the Starcraft II tournament.

Overall the Richest and Highest Income Pro Gamers eSports in the World

NicknameNama PemainPendapatan KeseluruhanGamePendapatan dari Game
1.N0tailJohan SundsteinUSD 6,886,181.99Dota 2USD 6,878,030.38
2.JerAxJesse VainikkaUSD 6,465,590.22Dota 2USD 6,465,590.22
3.anaAnathan PhamUSD 5,996,002.16Dota 2USD 5,996,002.16
4.CebSébastien DebsUSD 5,484,823.21Dota 2USD 5,484,823.21
5.TopsonTopias TaavitsainenUSD 5,410,036.37Dota 2USD 5,410,036.37
6.KuroKyKuro TakhasomiUSD 5,127,814.15Dota 2USD 5,126,090.81
7.Miracle-Amer Al-BarkawiUSD 4,691,444.88Dota 2USD 4,691,444.88
8.MinD_ContRoLIvan IvanovUSD 4,482,519.36Dota 2USD 4,482,519.36
9.GHMaroun MerhejUSD 4,085,452.44Dota 2USD 4,085,452.44
10.SumaiLSumail HassanUSD 3,589,963.14Dota 2USD 3,589,963.14
11.MatumbamanLasse UrpalainenUSD 3,557,762.44Dota 2USD 3,557,762.44
12.UNiVeRsESaahil AroraUSD 3,038,937.67Dota 2USD 3,038,937.67
13.BughaKyle GiersdorfUSD 3,030,300.00FortniteUSD 3,030,300.00
14.ppdPeter DagerUSD 3,001,512.76Dota 2USD 2,975,401.02
15.Somnus丶MLu YaoUSD 2,916,191.02Dota 2USD 2,916,191.02
16.fyXu, LinsenUSD 2,825,000.24Dota 2USD 2,825,000.24
17.PuppeyClement IvanovUSD 2,655,236.43Dota 2USD 2,654,166.37
18.FearClinton LoomisUSD 2,531,840.19Dota 2USD 2,530,484.34
19.s4Gustav MagnussonUSD 2,502,391.91Dota 2USD 2,501,333.14
20.ZaiLudwig WåhlbergUSD 2,314,769.05Dota 2USD 2,296,096.51
21.FlyTal AizikUSD 2,307,634.00Dota 2USD 2,293,793.71
22.AmeWang ChunyuUSD 2,209,775.64Dota 2USD 2,209,775.64
23.w33Aliwi OmarUSD 2,179,026.78Dota 2USD 2,179,026.78
24.ArteezyArtour BabaevUSD 2,169,691.01Dota 2USD 2,169,691.01
25.y`Zhang YipingUSD 2,035,079.65Dota 2USD 2,035,079.65
26.Faith_bianZhang RuidaUSD 2,013,519.23Dota 2USD 2,013,519.23
27.iceiceLi PengUSD 1,999,743.43Dota 2USD 1,999,743.43
28.Aui_2000Kurtis LingUSD 1,973,978.04Dota 2USD 1,973,978.04
29.ShadowChu ZeyuUSD 1,973,528.92Dota 2USD 1,973,528.92
30.bLinkZhou YangUSD 1,960,384.71Dota 2USD 1,960,384.71
31.psalmHarrison ChangUSD 1,946,461.20FortniteUSD 1,865,800.00
32.Cr1tAndreas NielsenUSD 1,919,347.20Dota 2USD 1,919,347.20
33.xiao8Zhang, NingUSD 1,837,534.96Dota 2USD 1,830,094.33
34.xNovaYap, JianweiUSD 1,812,795.14Dota 2USD 1,812,795.14
35.ChaliceYang, ShenyiUSD 1,779,152.04Dota 2USD 1,779,152.04
36.HaoChen, ZhihaoUSD 1,761,646.83Dota 2USD 1,755,205.74
37.FaithZeng, HongdaUSD 1,747,805.15Dota 2USD 1,729,228.66
38.SoloAlexei BerezinUSD 1,715,575.61Dota 2USD 1,715,575.61
39.MidOneZheng, Yeik NaiUSD 1,714,885.27Dota 2USD 1,714,885.27
40.RAMZES666Roman KushnarevUSD 1,709,446.92Dota 2USD 1,709,446.92
41.KaKaHu, LiangzhiUSD 1,697,606.26Dota 2USD 1,697,606.26
42.kpiiDamien ChokUSD 1,694,325.30Dota 2USD 1,694,325.30
43.9pashaPavel KhvastunovUSD 1,693,729.57Dota 2USD 1,693,729.57
44.SuperXie, JunhaoUSD 1,579,881.50Dota 2USD 1,560,633.57
45.Aquav2David WUSD 1,568,667.56FortniteUSD 1,568,667.56
46.NooneVladimir MinenkoUSD 1,549,773.45Dota 2USD 1,549,773.45
47.iceiceiceKoh, Daryl Pei XiangUSD 1,519,949.56Dota 2USD 1,517,549.56
48.NyhroxEmil Bergquist PedersenUSD 1,513,176.49FortniteUSD 1,513,176.49
49.MiSeRyRasmus FillipsenUSD 1,478,840.87Dota 2USD 1,478,071.12
50.Xyp9xAndreas HøjslethUSD 1,476,691.80Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveUSD 1,475,021.90
51.dupreehPeter RasmussenUSD 1,471,822.74Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveUSD 1,471,822.74
52.dev1ceNicolai ReedtzUSD 1,440,445.97Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveUSD 1,439,323.21
53.FenrirLu, ChaoUSD 1,397,643.80Dota 2USD 1,397,643.80
54.Resolut1onRoman FominokUSD 1,392,670.75Dota 2USD 1,392,670.75
55.MuZhang, PanUSD 1,390,711.71Dota 2USD 1,386,339.43
56.LaNmZhang, ZhichengUSD 1,348,572.91Dota 2USD 1,348,120.23
57.DDCLiang, Fa MingUSD 1,341,667.69Dota 2USD 1,333,540.59
58.YapzOrYazied JaradatUSD 1,329,660.87Dota 2USD 1,329,660.87
59.gla1veLukas RossanderUSD 1,310,909.07Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveUSD 1,305,984.08
60.RodjERVladimir NikogosyanUSD 1,288,551.93Dota 2USD 1,288,551.93
61.BananaJiao, WangUSD 1,283,122.84Dota 2USD 1,271,085.00
62.EpikWhaleShane CottonUSD 1,265,350.00FortniteUSD 1,265,350.00
63.FATAAdrian TrinksUSD 1,230,150.22Dota 2USD 1,230,150.22
64.ScccSong, ChunUSD 1,222,562.90Dota 2USD 1,222,562.90
65.MoogyXu HanUSD 1,219,417.10Dota 2USD 1,219,417.10
66.FakerLee, Sang HyeokUSD 1,217,853.15League of LegendsUSD 1,217,853.15
67.SanShengWang, ZhaohuiUSD 1,211,061.38Dota 2USD 1,202,225.88
68.YaoYao, ZhengzhengUSD 1,192,081.08Dota 2USD 1,186,002.61
69.SylarLiu, JiajunUSD 1,188,857.92Dota 2USD 1,182,802.87
70.KreoNate KouUSD 1,168,750.00FortniteUSD 1,168,750.00
71.RojoDave JongUSD 1,168,140.00FortniteUSD 1,168,140.00
72.eLeVeNRen YangweiUSD 1,137,659.69Dota 2USD 1,137,659.69
73.WolfiezJaden AshmanUSD 1,136,800.00FortniteUSD 1,136,800.00
74.MMY!Lei, ZengrongUSD 1,112,600.81Dota 2USD 1,100,271.44
75.QFu, BinUSD 1,081,544.74Dota 2USD 1,081,544.74
76.MagiskEmil ReifUSD 1,065,281.97Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveUSD 1,065,281.97
77.CeiceDavis McClellanUSD 1,058,650.00FortniteUSD 1,058,650.00
78.ZaytWilliams AubinUSD 1,047,450.00FortniteUSD 1,046,725.00
79.MushiChai, Yee FungUSD 1,022,901.97Dota 2USD 1,022,614.98
80.ふぇぐ(feg)– –USD 1,003,000.00ShadowverseUSD 1,003,000.00
81.SafRocco MoralesUSD 996,950.00FortniteUSD 996,950.00
82.pieliedieJohan ÅströmUSD 982,408.66Dota 2USD 982,408.66
83.SaksaMartin SazdovUSD 976,514.75Dota 2USD 976,514.75
84.kinGThiago LappUSD 973,900.00FortniteUSD 973,900.00
85.Stewie2kJakey YipUSD 967,790.00Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveUSD 967,790.00
86.EternaLEnVyJacky MaoUSD 955,899.69Dota 2USD 955,899.69
87.FalleNGabriel ToledoUSD 954,926.44Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveUSD 947,262.50
88.DukeLee, Ho SeongUSD 954,620.62League of LegendsUSD 954,620.62
89.TACOEpitácio de MeloUSD 951,181.85Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveUSD 951,181.85
90.ElevateThomas KruegerUSD 944,850.00FortniteUSD 944,850.00
91.ferFernando AlvarengaUSD 942,267.48Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveUSD 941,362.50
92.coldzeraMarcelo DavidUSD 924,373.42Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveUSD 924,373.42
93.WolfLee, Jae WanUSD 913,084.70League of LegendsUSD 913,084.70
94.BangBae, Jun SikUSD 910,451.46League of LegendsUSD 910,451.46
95.LilIlya IlyukUSD 904,568.79Dota 2USD 904,568.79
96.BurNIngXu, ZhileiUSD 894,602.63Dota 2USD 864,656.21
97.AgressifSun, ZhengUSD 871,452.21Dota 2USD 871,452.21
98.NAFKeith MarkovicUSD 868,165.66Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveUSD 868,165.66
99.PaparaziZhang, ChengjunUSD 865,364.12Dota 2USD 865,364.12
100.MoonMeanderDavid TanUSD 830,987.76Dota 2USD 813,112.33

Now that's the pro richest pro sports gamer with the highest income in the world. With a total income from various tournaments participated by the pro gamers esports above. Cool, from the top 100 pro gamers there are 76 from the DotA 2 game. The list above was compiled by us and launched by