Interesting Facts of Call of Duty Mobile

Presenting innovative features, Call of Duty Mobile has topped the popular Android game.

Interesting Facts of Call of Duty Mobile

For fans of FPS mobile games, Call of Duty Mobile is a very interesting game to try. Released on September 29, 2019, this game immediately shot to the top of the popular Android game in just a few days.

Within a week of being released, CoD has earned 100 million downloads (iOS and Android platforms).

Research data from Sensor Tower explains that Call of Duty Mobile is breaking the record as a mobile game with the highest number of downloads at the moment.

Previously, the mobile game record was held by Mario Kart Tour with the number of downloads reaching 90 million times within a week.

Quoted from CNBC, Call of Duty Mobile also overtook two rivals who carried the same genre, namely Fortnite and PUBG Mobile.

The two games "only" were able to get 22.5 million and 28 million downloads respectively in their first week.

This mobile game seems to have successfully followed in the footsteps of the success of two classic Call of Duty games, including the Modern Warfare 2 series and Black Ops.

Activision was very successful in presenting the classic flow of the Call of Duty game that was poured into the mobile game.

To be honest, the graphics and effects on Call of Duty Mobile feel better when compared to Fortnite or PUBG Mobile.

To play it, gamers are provided with two control modes namely Simple Mode and Advanced Mode.

Interestingly enough, Simple Mode eliminates the shoot button that normally exists in mobile FPS games.

The weapon will fire automatically when the user has targeted the target.

Advance Mode will return the button again to shoot with various additional features.

Almost every part of the Head Up Display (HUD) can be moved to allow you to get the most important buttons under the thumb.

The thrill of riding a boat, driving a military vehicle or even riding a helicopter makes CoD provide an interesting differentiation when compared to other mobile FPS games.

In Battle Royale mode, gamers can also choose various characters with special specialization or skills.

Some characters that can be chosen are quite varied including Clown, Defender, Mechanic, Medic, Ninja, and Scout.

Presenting charming graphics and innovative features, it's no wonder that Call of Duty Mobile has topped the list of popular games on Android.