Call of Duty New Event Halloween : everything you need to know

Call of Duty: Mobile and its Halloween event: everything you need to know

Call of Duty: Mobile has become one of the games of the moment thanks to a large number of qualities that come to light in each of its modes. Season, Battle Royale, Multiplayer ... The new Activision title combines everything a good mobile shooter needs, and that has been noticed in the number of downloads. 

According to the latest data, the Call of Duty: Mobile has already exceeded 100 million users. Now, from the company they want to take advantage of the pull with a special Halloween event.

Halloween events are a tradition in most mobile games, and Call of Duty: Mobile was not going to be an exception. In this case we talk about a set of news that have been published from the official website and are already available to all players. We tell you all the details.

We are not mistaken if we define Call of Duty: Mobile as the shooter of the year. Without a doubt, one of the most complete mobile games of today that now opens a special event to celebrate Halloween. Some news that all users can enjoy and that will remain active until November 1. 

Free rewards, prizes, new weapons ... Many are the novelties that come to an exclusive event that promises to generate many hours of "vice" among players.

First, and just by logging in, users will receive an Artic.50 sniper rifle decorated with bat camouflage. Although they also highlight the changes introduced in some of the most famous maps where Halloween decoration becomes the real protagonist. 

Orange lights and pumpkins adorn every corner of the games, creating a much more terrifying climate. Nor should we forget that all operators will drop pumpkin identification cards, which users can collect for special rewards. It is best to gather as many as you can to qualify for maximum weapon customization.

In the same way, the store includes endless news in which personalization with the theme "Halloween" is shown as the real protagonist. Likewise, different profiles can access a new skill in Multiplayer mode called “Sparrow”. So you know ... If you like Call of Duty: Mobile you can start enjoying all these news.