7 Classes on Call of Duty Mobile and Which is the best.

Classes on Call of Duty Mobile

Your success in Battle Royale mode in Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) will largely depend on the type of class you choose for your character. And to make it easier for you to make the best choices, we will describe the best types of COD Mobile game class types for the Battle Royale match.

There are currently 6 types of Classes available in the COD Mobile game, where there is another one that is coming soon. So most likely, it is the Class that will be released in the next big update for this CODM game.

Because the Battle Royale game mode on Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) does not give you the opportunity to choose perk or Skill Operators (and even weapons), the type of class you choose can be very important, because that is the only thing that will make you rather unique and gives you an advantage (or not) during the game itself.

We say "rather unique" because with only 6 classes to choose from and 100 players who fight to win in Battle Royale mode, there will be more inevitable with the same Class, but if you choose correctly, you will at least have no difficulty, and has advantages over the others.

Taking into account the things mentioned above, and before deciding which type of COD Mobile class (CODM) you will use best, let's look at all the Classes in this Call of Duty Mobile game and what makes it unique in 2019 this.

Class Medic

Class Medic, as you might imagine, is support-oriented and is definitely a better choice when playing Call of Duty Mobile as a team and not playing solo. To play solo, medic is actually very useless.

Medic reduces the time needed for healing and brings back teammates who died by 25 percent. Very useful if you are on duty not to be part of the battle itself, and more on efforts to revive your teammates.

Class Medic at COD Mobile (CODM) has a unique skill called Medical Station: A drone that heals you and your allies continuously while you are in the area.

Although we will not deny the fact that medic is very useful in teams if played correctly, medic is definitely one of the least fun types of characters that you can play, and with so many healing items available in this game, this skill does not seem too mean.

Scout class

Class Scout is great for tracking enemy traces near you and making it easier for you to hunt them. This class works both for solitary players and also in teams, because it has an active tracker, which means that it will actually show you on your opponent's footprint screen.

Scout also has a useful active skill, the Dart Sensor, which allows you to see the position of enemy characters in minimap. This class becomes a little more useful in the final match than during the initial match, but still it's a big advantage that you can have in battle.

Clown class

Maybe this is the most exciting class of all, once in a while you have to choose Class Clown in the game Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) and play it several times, even if you are a more strategic and direct type of player. You really need something strange in this game (but maybe not always).

Class Clown can launch Toy Bombs, a small robot that summons a group of zombies that will start attacking nearby enemies. This gives you a big advantage in battle, but only if you know exactly where your enemy is!

In addition, this Class has Anti-zombie which reduces zombie awareness distance by up to 15 meters. Actually not sure what the regular distance is, to be honest, so we can't say how useful it is. But for Toy Bombs, that's why you play Class Clown!

Ninja Class

Ninja is an excellent class in the COD Mobile (CODM) game, which allows you to easily sneak into your opponents to defeat them, and even reach places that other players cannot.

Thanks to the active Dead Silence, you will produce less noise when moving. So, if you are careful enough, you will be able to surprise your enemies on most occasions and kill them without them knowing.

The active skill is Grapple Hook: You can shoot this grapple hook almost anywhere and be pulled to where you launch it. This gives you the opportunity to reach high places or other places that are not easily reached by other players. This can be a big advantage if you have the right long-range weapons!

Class Defender

We will consider Class Defender as a tank type class and something that brings the Call of duty (COD) Mobile game one step closer to the Fortnite game. This is because Class Defender can build Transform Shield, which can be built to provide protection during battle (but also attract the attention of other enemies).

Class Defender also has strong skin, receiving 20 percent less damage from all sources except for shots. This is useful in a number of situations, but come to think of it, shooting will give you most of the damage, so it's not as impressive as it sounds the first time.

Class Mechanic

We consider this class the least fun to play, even less fun than the medic class, and we only tried it a few times before deciding that this was really boring. Mechanic can launch an EMP Drone that constantly upsets the enemy, but to be honest, we don't really know what that means because we have never faced the Mechanic class that activated this against us.

In addition, the Mechanic has an Engineer that gives an enlarged view, which makes vehicles, enemy traps, and equipment visible from a distance. Maybe this is a little more useful in team battles, but it's still not something that makes us want to play Class Mechanic in the near future in the CODM game.

Airborne Class (soon)

Although this Airborne Class is not yet available in the COD Mobile game, but we have information about its active skills and perk, which is arguably very interesting. For example, the Airborne class gives you an Ejection Device, which seems to function as a slingshot that launches your team into the air and rotates on wings to glide.

We don't really know how this can be useful in combat, because it clearly makes you visible on most maps and doesn't give you any profit (maybe except for the advantage of quickly escaping from battle if it's too difficult).

In addition, you get a Lightweight perk that makes you "lighter" when using wing settings. Does this mean you can fly or not? So far, that is still a question, but this Airborne Class is definitely interesting and we can't wait to see it launched in the Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) game.

Now, after knowing the type of class and its capabilities, according to all of you, which class is superior when used in team battles.

Let's discuss in the discussion column below.