Tutorial City Exploration (Justin)

This is the Urbex quest chain in this Training Event. The entirety of the quest chain can be completed while in Hope 101 and will only require you to basically talk to a lot of people and choose the plans to go along with.

We strongly recommend to READ what they’re saying, especially if you’re after a consistent and specific plan since every selection is permanent and you won’t be able to change them for the entirety of the event. The rewards for each plan will be sent to you via mail.

Plan 1

Start off by heading to Hope 101’s town hall. Go to the second floor balcony then talk to Justin. He will then tell you to find three NPCs to work on three plans to come up with a general plan.

Next, you have to talk to three NPCs for Plan 1. (Donald, Buckslayer, and Penn) Their locations in Hope 101 will be marked in the map as long as you have this quest selected. We will be listing them below as well.

Penn is the Scientia Researcher inside the Town Hall’s ground floor.

Donald is found behind the furniture shop. His plan is mainly focused on rebuilding.

Finally, Buck Slayer is found near the transport chopper.

After talking to the third NPC, you’ll have the option which plan you should go along with. Be warned; this selection is permanent and you won’t be able to switch which plans you'll support for the entirety of the event. Depending on the plan leader you've chosen, they'll direct you to other NPCs. After talking to them, you have to report back to the plan leader to complete this part of the quest.

Plan 2

Like the first plan, you have to choose one of the three plan leaders you'll support. You have to talk to all of them individually then decide whose plan you’ll support. The location of the three plan leaders are listed below. Branken is in the furniture shop. His plan focuses on industrial technology-related and areas where survivors can move in.

Rachel is found near the Commerce Bureau’s entrance.

Enya is the Scientia Researcher inside the convenience store (YK Store).

The next step will depend on the leader you’ve chosen. I selected Enya and she asked me to talk to the NPCs in the Grocery Store to find the required reference material. Talk to Lily to recover the book then talk to Enya to complete Plan 2. Claim your reward from the event page.

Plan 3

Next, you’ll have to select the next plan leader. Their locations are listed below.
Ingrid is the Federation Rescue team member inside the grocery store.

Heider is the Scientia Armed Escort captain in the market.

Red Dragons is inside the Steak House building, beside the Weapon Shop.

After deciding which plan you’ll use, they’ll refer you to other NPCs to talk to. Talk to them and the quest will automatically refer you back to the NPC whose plan you’ve chosen to go with. After talking to the plan leader, Plan 3 will be complete. Claim your rewards from the event page.

Final Plan

After completing Plan 3, you’ll get a message from a mysterious NPC. Find the NPC “No Name” behind the Town Hall. Simply talk to him to update your quest. Open the Urbex tab in the Event Page then tap Final Plan button to display the Final Exploration Plan.

The rewards you’ll get will be displayed. If the plans you’ve selected are inconsistent, you’ll get the “Any Exploration Area” reward instead. Finally, talk to Justin to finally conclude this quest chain.