Advance Tips & Tricks to Play Apex Legends

Advance Tips & Tricks to Play Apex Legends

Advance Tips & Tricks to Play Apex Legends

Earlier this year, a new game with the battle royale genre called Apex Legends was released from the well-known developer Respawn Entertainment. This game is more complete line of various battle royale games that are currently rife and much favored by many gamers. A new record emerged after the game was released, the latest is after a month this game has been released by more than 50 million players.

To be able to win in each battle you must learn the game, if you only save a teammate who is knockdown and always be within range it may be the simplest trick in playing battle royale.

Important tips that you need to learn besides taking scattered items or supply boxes, you also have to learn how to use each character that has different skills and also you have to learn the best loot place or the safest place. Here are some more advanced tips and tricks you can use to be able to make playing with more 'PRO' again.

1. Know the Color of Damage to Know the Enemy Armor Type

The first thing to know is about the color that appears when you manage to do damage. This color indicates the type of armor used. For example, red means that the player does not use armor, white indicates level 1 armor, blue is for level 2 armor, and purple is for level 3 armor.

  • Red / Red: Without Armor 
  • White / White: Armor Level 1 
  • Blue / Blue: Armor Level 2 
  • Purple / Purple: Armor Level 3

2. Don't Be Afraid to Fall from a Height

If you are accustomed to playing battle royale games or whatever when at high altitude, you will be scared when you want to go down, it's all different in Apex Legends because it has a unique system related to falling from a height. In this game, when you fall or jump from a height no damage is obtained, even from the top of the hill though.

So you can jump freely from cliffs, supply planes, and tall buildings without fear of dying again.

3. Use of "Ping" or Signal

In this game, there is one thing that you should not care about namely teamwork because in this game it is very important. You will be very difficult to win the game if you do not want to work with the team. At Apex Legends there is a very useful communication system also known as the ping or signal system.

Ping there are various kinds of you know, usually, ping is done to show a certain item. Starting from the usual ping to the red ping which marks the presence of enemies, and has a voice feature to be a teammate if you do not have time to see the screen can hear it.

You can also use ping to request items that you don't already have, or you are in need of Ammo Light or Heavy, until you can also launch a request attachment from the weapon you have. Certainly, this can only be used when playing in a team.

4. Sliding

Yep, this is one of the features in Apex Legends that provides agile movements that will make the dark enemy while aiming. The movement that is no less important is sliding aka sliding. This will be very useful for moving quickly in derivatives or high land areas.

The trick is to simply hold the CTRL key while running or walking, you can also shoot while sliding but need to learn and get used first because it will be quite difficult to shoot when sliding.

5. Climbing Feature by Holding the Space key

Next up is climbing. Because you can move at will in this one game, you can also climb to high places easily, the way is to hold the SPACE key then move.

6. Only Take the Goods Needed

Yep, Apex Legends is more or less in this case just like the battle royale genre games in general, you will be treated to a variety of item loots that are around the map. At the beginning until the end of the game, looting is really needed. At least, that is to get weapons and bullets, medpacks, purple level 3 armor and a battery shield.

Weapon attachments will also be scattered throughout the game which will be very useful for killing enemies quickly and easily. Now for this attachment, you have to learn it too, because if you take it, you will only make a full inventory. Of course, it would be very good to consider the items needed because the bag's capability is also limited.

Other tips for removing items quickly, hold the items you want to discard, then just slide to the left or right of the screen, or can right-click on the item you want to remove.

7. Take care with Supply ship

In this game, there is a supply ship that will provide special loot and a variety of valuable items inside. However, this will be a dangerous zone because there will be many other players who will also come to this area to looting rare and valuable items. Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful when approaching the ship.

If you really dare to approach the supply ship, immediately move quickly to find good items and then immediately come out.

8. Legendary Weapons

There are two special weapons currently owned by Apex Legends, namely Sniper Kraber and Shotgun Mastiff. These two magic weapons cannot be found in ordinary loot because they are only in Drop Pods. If indeed you are aiming for this one weapon you can immediately look for it in the drop pods that are available throughout the map, but there is something you need to pay attention to because there will definitely be many other players who are also eyeing this special weapon.

9. Legendary Knockdown Shield can make your own review

If there were legendary weapons, Apex Legends also has legendary items, called KnockDown Shield, this is a very special shield and is the most valuable shield item of all Knockdown Shields.

Because with this shield, you not only get strong protection, but you can live again when it's knocked down, so there's no need to ask for help from other players.

10. When there are 3 remaining teams you can no longer see the remaining players

Here it is what distinguishes other battle royale games from Apex Legends, if you usually can see the number of players remaining completely and easily so you will be able to easily set strategy. However, this can no longer be done in Apex Legends when there are only 3 squad teams left.

11. Survey Beacons on Pathfinder

This is the advantage of the Pathfinder role, if you use the Pathfinder role you have a special ability called Survey Beacons. This can be used to see the location of the ring that will appear next. The trick is to find Survey Beacons like in the photo above then use the Grapple Hook skill, then you can see the next ring location.

12. Outrun with No Arms

It is common knowledge in every game at this time actually, if you want to run fast = do not hold a weapon. In this game, it's the same, you can run faster. The way is to run without holding a weapon. Of course, this also needs to be balanced by looking at the surrounding conditions.

Because the developer has an effect like real, if carrying a weapon the movement will slow down a bit than you are empty handed. At Apex Legends it really feels the difference.

13. Hero Apex Legends Turns the same Movement Speed

Apex Legends has 8 heroes namely Bangalore, Bloodhound, Caustic, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Mirage, Pathfinder, Wraith which all have their own abilities and skills. In terms of the different postures, there are those who look small and large, if you think that having a small posture is definitely faster than the big one, at first we also thought that.

But apparently, "The Designer of Apex Legends named Carlos Pineda say Uncover the unique fact that if all the characters in Apex Legends turn out to have the same movement speed. If you feel the character is slow, it turns out it's due to high graphics and in terms of lower animation. So if you feel the character is slow, try adjusting your game settings first".

Those are some tips and tricks and facts contained in this phenomenal Apex Legends game. Knowing these tips and tricks will be very useful so you can play like a pro player and can conquer King Canyon.