What's New in Update LifeAfter 15 August

New Event and Outfit Available

Summerfest Event was released, along with a new outfit set.

New in Update LifeAfter 15 August

Fishing: New Features and Improvements

Like before, once players reach LV10, they’ll be able to access the game’s fishing feature. Prior to the update, the maximum fishing mastery level players can get will be LV4. On this update, the max fishing mastery level has been increased. To get “promoted” to the higher fishing mastery levels, players will have to complete “Breakthrough” quests from Vast once their fishing mastery reached LV4 and LV7. These quests are considered Caravan Quests and can be accepted from your camp’s Callboard or in Hope 101’s Commerce Beureau’s board.

Completing the LV4 Fishing mastery Breakthrough quest will unlock the Basic Fish Trap. You can craft this for 180 nanoplastic I or normal materials (3 Iron Ore, 2 Flint, 6 Twig) This can be thrown in almost any body of water, “deep enough” in the wild (doesn’t work in camp Pond) to generate a LV1-3 Fishing Spot. This fishing spot will increase your chances of capturing better fish. The fishing spot will disappear after some time, after you capture a certain number of fish, or when you leave the scenario/map. You can only have one Fishing Spot active at a time.

More species of Fish/sea creatures, as well as their corresponding dishes have been added. Fishing in the wilderness or camp pond will also allow you to get random workables such as pig Irons or Hexagon Nails.

Other Improvements

  • Before you can cast your line, the baits menu will appear automatically. 
  • Once a Fish bites your line, the cursor on the green “sweet spot” will move slowly to the left, giving you more time to react.

Smart Storage from your Backpack

Smart Storage can now be used from your backpack. However, you need to interact with your vault or container first before this option appears. Opening your backpack will just display your backpack’s contents. Some items such as weapons, accessories, packs, food items, etc can’t be stored automatically using this feature.

When interacting with your Vault or container, you’ll have to option to store similar items from your backpack to the current locker or distributed automatically to all lockers containing the same items.If your and your roommate’s manors are located beside each other, this new Smart Storage option will also allow you to automatically store items on each other’s manors automatically. You can also set custom rules on what items should be automatically stored in your lockers.

Portable Repair now available

Simple Repair is the only available repair option in this mode and will consume both Nanoplastics I and II. To do portable repairing, do the following steps:

  1. Open backpack 
  2. Select equipment to repair 
  3. Tap repair.

Wallpaper Tryout and Recycling Improvement

While in Build mode, you can now select Wallpapers and try them. You can also access the Wallpaper Mall directly while in Build mode and you can apply the wallpapers on any number of panels/ manor parts to try them out before buying them. Mall Wallpapers can be bought using gold bars or Fed Credits. Keep an eye out for discounted wallpapers and new arrivals every week.

If you want to proceed buying the wallpapers you've tried without removing or applying them again, you can do so by tapping the "Results" button on the top-left corner of the screen.

Wallpapers can also be recycled/stripped off a surface, regardless if you’re in Renovation mode or not. You can’t recycle previous wallpapers if you placed a new layer over them.

Charlestown Themed Clash

“Booty Event” will be the new theme season in Season 3. A new treasure feature has been added to the Booty Event as well. This feature will have factions (camps?) to bury and hide treasure chests so that they’ll be kept hidden as long as possible.

Gameplay Reward Adjustments

  • Caravan Transport rewards will now always include at least one Formula Shard. 
  • In camp Military Drills, New Dollar rewards have been increased substantially. 
  • You can now exchange FormulaR&D Data and Module Etchant using Nancy City Drill Badges 
  • Gold bar rewards from 30 Resource Packs obtained from Infiltration Missions have been increased from 500 to 1000. For Disguiser Supplies Rewards, players with gathering level below LV48 are guaranteed to get a Film Fabric or Polymer Coating. Players with Gathering LV48 and above will get either a Bulletproof Ceramic or Tactical Fender.

Team Member Auto-Matching

When creating a team, there will be an Auto-Match option available. This will make it easier to fill in team members for completing quests by giving you an option to set conditions such as player class/professions and mastery levels.

Quick-Adding of Friends

After playing with another player in an instance (like Miska Univ), you’ll receive an option to quick-add them as a friend. The prompt will appear in the lower-right corner of the screen as you exit the instance.