LifeAfter Tutorial : How to Increase Friendliness and Intimacy

How to Increase Friendliness and Intimacy?

How to Increase Friendliness and Intimacy

Befriending someone in the game has a lot of benefits. If you’re playing regularly with a close friend or a special someone, then you’ll enjoy even more benefits by Cohabiting or becoming roommates.
Friendliness is your overall affection level towards another player while Intimacy is the daily allowance given to friends that sets the limit on how much resources can be shared via manor crafting or giving them directly.

How to Increase Friendliness and Intimacy

This is only earned automatically when you're friends with another player. You can see your friend's Friendliness rating by tapping the chat or notification window, select Contacts and expand the My Friends drop-down. All friends you have added (and accepted you) will be shown here, including their individual friendliness ratings to you.

Your friendliness rating is earned by playing together. Here are the actions that will help increase your friendliness to each other:
  1. Gather resources together, defeat enemies and hostile players. 
  2. Complete Miska University together. 
  3. Complete Stronghold Battles as a team. 
  4. Visit each other's manor and give each other a "Like". 
  5. Place food on the table and eat them. 
  6. Interact with each other's farm lands.

The number of Friendliness you can get per day seems to be limited so if you notice that your friendliness is not moving up anymore for the day, consider playing again with your friend after the next daily reset.

How to Increase Friendliness and Intimacy

The fastest way of earning a massive amount of friendliness is by sending your friend a "premium Gift". The Lily Basket (mall-exclusive, costs Fed Credits) can give an instant 666 friendliness rating instantly when given to a friend. Other items such as roses need to be cultivated, grown, and harvested first. You can obtain free roses as well from Duo Training during events.