How to join or leave a camp in LifeAfter

How to join or leave a camp

Joining a camp is an important step when playing Lifeafter being part of one will give you access to facilities, merchants and resources. But if you find yourself in an inactive camp then it is also the best to leave it and find a new one.

Joining a camp

Including various options including creating your own one. This will set you up as the major of the camp and let you name it and control it. This will be detailed in a separate post.

An option is to join a camp in development or already established camp. In all cases you need to talk to the NPC Billy who can be found in the town (101) at the commerce bureau. Find it in the mini map.

Billy will allow you to create a camp if you have sufficient gold bars to begin with the process or join one. You will be shown when you choose to join a list of camp available. There are 2 types:

1) those that are already created, you need to be joined and will need to be approved by the major.

2, In progress, these are camps that are available for additional funds to be created. Someone has started one and supporters are needed to contribute. You will need to pay a small amount of gold to support this will grant you immediate approval once it is set up.

Once you have joined a camp, you can visit Rachel in the Dev zone to get the option to move house, which will move your manor to the camp.

Leaving a camp

If you are not happy with the camp it is no longer active then you may want to leave it to join a new one. Remember though that you cannot leave a camp within 24 hours of joining it, and it will cost a small amount of gold. So you cannot move around too often.

To leave your camp go to the town hall building in the camp to find an NPC called Crazy Huntress. She is upstairs on the first floor. Talk to her and find the option to leave.

When you leave your manor will be moved back to the development zone.

That's how to join or leave a camp on the LifeAfter game. If you have another opinion, you can discuss it in the discussion column below.