Complete LifeAfter Tips & Tricks to Get Started

Check out our top LifeAfter tips & tricks to master the game! These LifeAfter tips will teach you to get the most out of the game
LifeAfter is a pretty addicting game that we have found after PUBG mobile. There are tons of things for the player to do; PvP Nancy City Battles, Rescuing NPCs in Miska, Boss Battles, Events, and much more. We’ve posted many guides on this game and in today’s post, we’ve shared the top LifeAfter tips & tricks for you! So let’s get started!

Complete LifeAfter Tips and Tricks to Get Started

1.) Spend The Skill Points Wisely

LifeAfter tips & tricks In the early game, everything seems good. But, as you progress to higher levels, things will change. One of the dynamic change would be the cost of upgrading the abilities. As you know that we have to spend new dollar and skill points to upgrade the ability. In the early game, it always feels easy. But the cost to upgrade these abilities will increase massively. We would strongly recommend you to spend the skill points wisely. For example; to unlock the level 4 tools, you need 14,000-15,000 skill points. These high-level tools are must when you gather in high-difficulty areas(for secondary resources). You should unlock the new ability as soon as it becomes available. But, you should upgrade the right abilities first.

For example; In the gathering ability, you can save for the high-level tools. In crafting ability, you can save for thick armor and solid weapon(to increase sturdiness).

When you tap the skill icon, the game displays its information on the right side of the screen. Make sure to read it.

2.) Don’t Waste Resources On The Sandcastle Boss

The Mystic Creature in LifeAfter game appears in two zones; Sandcastle and Autumn Forest. We’ve found that the Autumn Forest boss is less powerful than the Sandcastle Boss. We would recommend you to not to waste resources in fighting against the Sandcastle Boss. His HP increases gradually, he is powerful, and the stupid sandstorm ruins everything. It would be better to combat the autumn forest boss.

3.) Talk To The NPCs

The blue dot on the mini-map displays the location of NPCs. Talk to these NPCs daily and they might give you awesome rewards such as treasure map, rare items, new dollar, and much more.

4.) Newbie Quests Are Very Important

If you have just started playing the LifeAfter game, we would strongly recommend you to progress through the newbie quest chapters. There are some precious rewards that you can get by completing these quests.

5.) Always Go With Ammo Boxes, Health Packs In Miska

Miska University is one of the hell game modes in LifeAfter game. In this mode, you face the gangs of zombies who will chase you until you get to die. Before you enter this game mode, make sure to bring enough ammo boxes, health packs. You get some ammo boxes there, but in some places, you may want to use your own.

6.) Bounty Quest Are The Best

To quickly level up the abilities, complete the bounty quests. These daily bounty quests reward a huge amount of crafting/gathering/combat mastery points. You get these quests from the home point in zones. Aim over to the board and accept the quest.

7.) Complete The Furniture Event Daily

In Hope 101, the furniture event rewards you super luxurious drumstick meal. This item can restore the vigor. By default, vigor gradually recovers(slowly). To check it, tap the character stats at the top-left corner -> spirited. If you are in intense battles, this may help you.

8.) Sell The Items To Merchants

If you want to earn new dollar, you can sell items to the merchant. For example; you get infected blood by killing zombies in zones. You can sell this blood to furniture shop manager for a new dollar. If you are in camp, then go outside the manor and explore the island; kill zombies or people to get the certificate, old currency, rusty keys, and more. You can sell these items to furniture shop manager.

9.) Choose The Cert Wisely

LifeAfter allows the player to choose one out of nine certs. We would recommend you to go for the gathering one(logging, miner) or firearms. The firearms or gun maker is quite good as it increases sturdiness, unlocks UMP9 skin formula. The two gathering certs can increase the chances of getting secondary resources. You can sell these rare secondary resources in the market/trade for gold bars.

10.) Participate In The TLEs

Time-Limited Events come for a short period. For example; at the time of writing this post, there is an event named White Day is going on. Some players ignore these events. But you should complete these events to earn premium events. For example; In the previous event, it was an alloy drill bit. And, this time, you can earn formula shards.

11.) Complete All The Daily Events

Earning gold bars in LifeAter is quite easy. Almost every daily event rewards gold bars. At the top-right side of the screen, tap the daily option -> here you can check the hot events today. Tap on anyone and check the details, rewards. The events include nancy city, target training, camp pond, Miska, unknown creature, reward mission, and many more. If you want to earn gold bars, it’s the best way.

12.) Complete The Exploration

In all the zones or modes, there are some chests that you can claim. Once you collect a certain number of chests, you will get the gold bars. The game gives you one tip every day for every region. Tap the home icon at the upper-left corner -> exploration -> here you can check the tips and the map. Also, the number of hidden chests.

13.) Hunt The Chests

Apart from the exploration chests, there are many chests in Autumn Forest, Farstar City, Sandcastle, and many more places. For example; In the autumn forest, you can find the chests at helicopter evac point, behind the caves, in the house. In Farstar City, you can find the chests in houses, parks(above the busses), in the high school building. And, In the Sandcastle, near the castle area. You can earn precious items from these chests; screws, alloy drill bit, plastic, new dollar, and much more.

14.) Join A Camp ASAP

If you join a camp, you can earn more rewards through camp events. Also, it lets you access to the exclusive shops, merchants, and manor place. These extra events include; patrol quest, infected invasion, target training, camp pond, territory, camp boss battle(every Sunday), resource chest, and daily canteen.

15.) Exchange The Medals

You earn drill medals by participating the Nancy City. You can exchange these medals for rewards like Adrenaline, ammo boxes, skill points, “FORMULA SHARD”, mechanical material, and many more items. All you need to do is talk to Acer. Acer would be near the camp’s helicopter or at Hope 101 entrance.

16.) Play Card Match Game

In the shelters or houses(green-house points), there would be a card game on the desk or boxes. Aim over there -> play -> invite nearby players. Match the same cards back-to-back and you can earn rare resources, the new dollar.

17.) Use High-Level Tools For Gathering

You start with the Stone AXE, Stone Pickaxe(level 1 tools). Upgrade the basic logging/miner ability in the ability menu and then you can craft high-level tools; fire AXE, assembled PIckaxe, level 4 AXE, Pickaxe. If the tool’s level is low, the drop rate for secondary resources will reduce. So it’s better to use high-level gathering tools when gathering secondary resources.

18.) Trade The Resources

You can buy/sell items/gear in the hope 101 market. Players can sell the rare resources/gear for gold bars and purchase desired resources by paying gold bars. If you are struggling to find a particular rare item, make sure to check the trade stall in the market, you can get almost every item there.

19.) Upgrade The Walls, Doors

The defense also plays an important role. If you are in a camp and the camp is seven days old, zombies may attack your manor/house periodically. Make sure to upgrade the walls and doors of the manor. To do that, craft the enhancement using material bench; level 2 enhancement -> level 3 -> and so on. To deploy, tap build -> enhance -> aim to the wall. This will increase the wall/door’s defense.

20.) Use The Quit Function

The single bed in your manor gives you the two options; sleep and use. Tap use -> quit. This will increase the durability of armor and equipped gear over time. Instead of repairing, you can use this function. The difference is you don’t lose sturdiness in this method.

So these are the top LifeAfter tips complete for the beginners. If you have more LifeAfter tips & tricks, comment below! We’ve also shared some more posts on this game, make sure to check them out. These are as good as these LifeAfter tips!