Utopia: Origin, an Android Survival Game combined with Minecraft

Utopia: Origin, an Android Survival Game combined with Minecraft

The number of games now certainly makes developers compete in terms of creativity to make games that have never been encountered.

But there are just developers who recycle ideas from other games and make them new. One of them is Utopia: Origin, which is a survival genre game that is combined with one of the games with checkered graphics, Minecraft.

Utopia Origin is one of the newest Survival genre games that can be played for free directly on your Android mobile. This game combines aspects of Minecraft ranging from gathering resources, building houses, and cooking to survival, as well as funny, cute and impressive anime graphics. The longer you play this game, the more resources you can get to survive in this game.

Uniquely, you can do a lot of things, from fishing, mining, farming, building, to riding a motorcycle. For you cute and cool animal lovers, utopia presents tame monster features. Where players can train wild animals to make it one of your pets. You can drive a unicorn in the grassland to fly into the sky using a fire dragon.

Interested in playing utopia? Download Utopia: Origin on Google play. Oh yeah, don't forget to also see another article about Survival Games