Tricks PUBG with VPN to Get Skin and Royale Pass for Free

There is a cool event so that I can have permanent PUBG Mobile skin, but only abroad? Do not worry! Because we will share with you a new PUBG VPN trick!

Of course it's safe and it's not banned, so just calm down! Let's follow the guidelines from us, right here!

New VPN Tricks to Get Permanent Skin and Other Gifts!

Install and Use VPN First

To do this trick first you have to have a VPN first guys! Try downloading a VPN that has servers in the United States or the USA.

In this example the VPN used is the Bear Tunnel and of course it's free, guys! You can download it at the following link:

Download Tunnel Bear Android

Download Tunnel Bear iOS

After downloading and installing, choose a server located in the United States or USA. Why? Because the free PUBG event that we want to follow is only in that area, guys!

Log back into PUBG Mobile when you are connected to the VPN! Remember! Turn on VPN ONLY to play PUBG !

Don't forget after you have finished doing this trick to turn off the VPN again!

Follow the Summer Challenge Free Event

After logging in, try to go directly to the PUBGM event page. You will see a new event called Summer Challenge that is only available if you have a United States VPN guys!

This event runs from June 24 to July 7, 2019, so there is still plenty of time for you to follow!

The prize is very tempting for you to pass! Many permanent weapon skins, as well as an outfit like the White Rabbit Set that you can get, for free.

There is also a Royale Pass coupon that can add your Royale Pass points! Now to do redeem, you need the name Summer Credit.

How to get Summer Credit

To get Summer Credit there are various ways you guys! Of course it's free and free of charge. The first way you can do a daily login until July 7th.

With a daily login other than Summer Credit, there are also small prizes that you can get.

The second way is Tier Dash, which is to reach a certain Tier Rank to get Summer Credit in large quantities!

If you have reached the highest ranking, then you can just collect Summer Credit and can redeem some permanent prizes on the start page.

The last way is to run the Clan mission, which of course is also quite easy for you to achieve if you invite your friends to follow this trick too.

Not bad you can get 60 Summer Credit from this daily mission!

How? If you can get the free skin, give a comment too so that others know that this trick works yes guys! Stay tuned for interesting tips and tricks about PUBGM only on NewsTat.Icu