Tips and Cheat to win easily Play Apex Legends

In contrast to the Battle Royale game generally which only presents characters that you can manage its appearance, Apex Legends presents special-capable characters that can be utilized during the battle.

This indirectly makes the Apex Legends game as the Battle Royale game quite unique, but at the same time, there are still many new players who seem to be a little confused by the mechanism available in the game.

Therefore, the author would like to give a little help in the form of tips, as well as the things you need to know when jumping and fighting in the world of Apex Legends.

Tips and Cheat to win easily Play Apex Legends

1. As in the Battle Royale game in general, you win the game by being the only one left in the game. Prioritize safety and do not be too passionate in eliminating other squads.

2. Get to know each character or Legends that you will use like Pathfinder or  Lifeline and many more you can find in this article. Understand passive abilities, tactical abilities and ultimate abilities, as well as the duration of the cooldown of each skill.

3. Always remember to use tactical abilities while in battle. Because it seems there are still many players who are used to playing Battle Royale games without special abilities.

4. Strengthen communication by maximizing the Ping system. For consoles, use the Ping button (R1 or RB) once to mark the location and press twice to mark the enemy you see. Hold the button to open a Ping Wheel that contains more communication options.

For PC press the middle mouse to mark the location and F to mark the enemy you see. For the additional Ping menu, you can set the key you want to use by setting the keyboard and mouse controls.

5. When running, save your weapon to run faster. By default, on your PC just press number 3 and on the console by holding the triangle button (PS4) or Y (Xbox One).

6. In addition, each character has the same running speed. The developer confirmed this and explained that what makes running run slow for large-bodied characters is the effect of the animation of his hands that look slow.

7. Using slides will make you slide quickly, especially when going down the hill, and which is certainly very useful to avoid shots from enemies.

8. You can jump and climb walls high enough. Hold the button to jump and hold the forward button when you want to climb. At least you can climb up to the 2nd floor of a building.

9. There is no fall damage in this game, so you can jump from any height. However, it is advisable to use a zipline if you are fighting, because if you jump from a high enough place, for a moment you will move slowly due to character animation that occurs shortly after falling.

Well, can you also find useful tips in playing Apex Legends? Come on, just share it in the comments! Who knows the tips that you put forward will add to the authors in the points above. End of the story, good luck and have fun!