LifeAfter Tutorial: How to Use Fast Travel with a Helicopter

The map in Life After is so wide that it takes so long to reach a certain area, not to mention the threat of the many zombies that will block.

How to Use Fast Travel with a Helicopter

Fortunately, Life After provides a helicopter feature so you can quickly explore one location to another. Press the mini-map in the right corner of the screen when you are in the Development Zone. There you will see a red exit icon indicating the location of the helicopter. Go in that direction.

Arriving at the location, click on the helicopter there, now you can choose another location that you want to explore. Double-click the location you want to be the destination and the helicopter will take you there.

Please note, at the beginning of the game some locations cannot be visited by helicopter. To open a locked location, you need to increase the Survivor skill. It is also recommended to prepare yourself well before entering a new zone or foreign location because each location has zombies with different levels.