LifeAfter Food Recipes List & Ingredient Source

LifeAfter Food Recipes List & Ingredient Source (update)

After New Map Levin City, there is also update new recipes for food in Levin City. And now we can participate in event cook in hope 101. You can get some ingredient from NPC's on town hall. There are a ton of items you can cook on the oven or household grill in LifeAfter. Let’s check out the complete LifeAfter food recipes list & ingredient source. 

(recipes from Levin City : May 2020)

new recipes from Levin City : May 2020

(recipes for event dumpling cook : feb 2020)

event dumpling cook : feb 2020

event dumpling cook : feb 2020

event dumpling cook : feb 2020
event dumpling cook : feb 2020

(event cook : jan 2020)

new update food recipes Levin City

new update food recipes Levin City

new update food recipes Levin City

new update food recipes Levin City

new update food recipes Levin City

new update food recipes Levin City

new update food recipes Levin City

new update food recipes Levin City

new update food recipes Levin City

LifeAfter Recipe Introduction

Food Dishes can help you in recovering HP, health and keep the hunger debuff away. There are some LifeAfter Food Recipes that you can use to take advantage in the combat. If you eat these (Combat food) dishes, you will get damage buff in the combat.

There are some special hunger recipes, speed-up recipes, health-recovering recipes, and many more. Keep in mind that the quality of the output depends on the ingredient. For example; If you want to give these food dishes to one of the NPCs, then the taste of food matters. The same food may give fewer acquaintance points if it tastes bad. If you tap the food dish, it will show you the details; taste, basic stats, period, and more.

Another example; there are two versions of meat and mushroom; matsutake mushroom that you get from Snow Highlands and the common mushroom that you get from the farstar city or fall forest in rainy days. And, the meat that you get by raising a pig in livestock pen and the meat that you get by killing animals.

Additionally, you have to take care of the quantity. For example; you can cook bread with jam recipe with fruit and flour. If you add three fruits and one flour, it comes with taste 1. On the other hand, if you balance it; 2 fruits and 2 flour, it will be good. You can experiment with the taste scores by lowering the quantity of one food item and adding another one more number of times. After that, check their stats. You will notice the difference. So it’s better to put the same number of quantity of items when there are only two ingredients.

LifeAfter Food Recipes – Getting Started With The Ingredient

  • Ice Cubes – You can get ice cubes from the snow highlands by quarrying or buy from the camp NPC(in city hall) 
  • Honey – Chop the trees and you may get honey. Also, you can buy it from the camp NPC/Hope 101 -> Steak House NPC 
  • Crude Flour – Camp NPC, Farm Maker 
  • Wheat – Get the wheat seed from Tex in camp(Outside Camp Vault) 
  • Fine Flour – Camp NPC, Farm Maker 
  • Mushroom – Mushroom appears in rainy weather(Fall Forest, Fartstar) 
  • Cave Mushroom – In Mount Snow -> snowy area -> enter the cave
  • Matsutake Mushroom – Mount Snow -> snowy area 
  • Milk – Pet a cow in farmland or buy from the camp NPC(Tex) or in Hope 101 -> steak house NPC 
  • Rib Meat – Hunt animals in FF 
  • Tenderloin – Hunt animals 
  • Leg Meat – Hunt animals 
  • Carrot – Farstar 
  • Rapeseed – Fall Forest, near Riverside 
  • Pumpkin – Farstar 
  • Strawberry – Sand Castle, near the river 
  • Berries – FF, SC, SH, MS, MS 
  • Watermelon – Sandcastle 
  • Catfish – Fish in FF, Camp Pond or other areas(It’s common) 
  • Carp – Fish in fall forest 
  • Grass Carp – FF 
  • Perch – Farstar, Mount Snow 
  • Puffer Fish – Mount Snow, Farstar 
  • Tilapia – Farstar 
  • Silver Carp – FF 
  • Ribbonfish – Charles town 
  • Salmon – Fish in CT(Charles Town) 
  • Grouper – CT 
  • Wrasse – CT 
  • Yellow Croaker – CT 
  • Parrotfish – CT 
  • Blueberry – Mouth Swamp 
  • Shrimp – Any map 
  • Koi – CT, Fall Forest 
  • Lobster – Charles Town(Left side small Island) 
  • Coconut – Santopany 
  • Pepper – Santopany 
  • Turtle – Fish in any map 
  • Sea Mushrooms – Santopany 
  • Mackerel – Santopany 
  • Sea Eel – Santopany

  1. Carps and turtle all the ingredients required to make fish recipes can be obtained by fishing. If you don’t know about the fishing and fish locations, you can read our LifeAfter Tutorial here. 
  2. In fruits, you can use berries/strawberry (Sandcastle) 
  3. In vegetables or salad type items, you can use carrot(Farstar), pumpkin(Farstar), rapeseed(Fall Forest) 
  4. Milk – You can get the milk by raising a cow in a livestock pen. You get the cow from Tex. (Tex is a  merchant in camp, stands next to the camp vault) 
  5. Eggs – You can get eggs by raising chicken/Duck/Goose in Poultry Pen. You get chicken/duck/goose from Tex. These three creatures unlock at camp’s electric level. 
  6. Flour – Flour; crude floor, fine flour are produced in farm goods maker. You need wheat. You get the wheat seed from Tex. Then plant in the farmland to get wheat. 
  7. Meat – You get meat by hunting animals in the wilderness or raise a pig in the livestock pen 
  8. Honey – You get honey in LifeAfter by chopping trees(there are very small chances of getting beehive). Or in Snowhighlands, you will find the beehive at bear spawn location 
  9. Ice Cubes – Quarrying in the snow highlands 
  10. Matsutake Mushroom – Snowhighlands

So that’s the ingredient source for LifeAfter food recipes. You can buy some of these items from Lafita in the camp’s city hall. Let’s head to the LifeAfter Food recipes list.

Fish Recipes In LifeAfter Game

  • Koi Sashimi – Koi + Vegetable + Fruit + Meat 
  • Lobster Feast – Lobster + Honey/Vegetable/Fruit/Meat 
  • Squid(Grilled) – Squid + Fruit/Vegetable/Meat 
  • Roasted Grass Carp – Grass Carp + Fruit/Vegetable/Meat 
  • Grilled Puffer Fish – Puffer Fish + Fruit/Vegetable/Meat 
  • Grilled Silver Carp – Silver Carp + Fruit/Vegetable/Meat 
  • Octopus(Grilled) – Fish + Fruit/Vegetable/Meat 
  • Grilled Yellow Croaker – Yellow Croaker + Fruit/Vegetable/Meat 
  • Baked Parrotfish – Parrot Fish + Fruit/Vegetable/Milk

LifeAfter Food Recipes – Healing Recipes

  • Honey Sauce – Honey/Meat 
  • Meat Meal – Musroom+Meat+Meat+Vegetables 
  • Strawberry Muffin – Strawberry+Strawberry+Strawberry+Flour 
  • Honey – Honey+Honey+Honey+Honey 
  • Fruit Milk – Fruit+Milk 
  • Roasted Mushroom – Mushrooms 
  • Carrot Patties – Carrot+Meat 
  • Mushroom Soup – Mushroom + Milk 
  • Fruit Juice – Ice Cubes+Fruit

LifeAfter Food Recipes – Hunger Relief

  • Bread with Jam – Berries+Four
  • Fruit Preserve – Honey+Fruit
  • Friend Pumpkin – Flour+Milk+Pumpkin+Pumpkin 
  • Jam – Berries 
  • Toast – Flour+Flour+Flour+Flour 
  • Steamed Vegetables – Rapseed+Rapseed+Rapseed+Rapseed or any other vegetable

LifeAfter Food Recipes - Damage Buff

  • Milk Stew – Milk+Meat 
  • Minced Meat Cake – Meat+Flour 
  • Special Pizza – Flour+Mushroom+Meat+Vegetables – You can get this recipe from camp merchant Tex. 
  • Meatballs – Meat+Vegetables 
  • Fruit Pie – Honey/Fruit/Flour 
  • Sandwich – Flour+Meat+Fruit 
  • Meat Skewers – Meat+Fruit 
  • Nutrition Stew – Flour+Milk+Meat

LifeAfter Food Recipes – Critical Hits while gathering items or in combat

  • Mushroom Kebab – Mushroom+Meat 
  • Assorted Platter – Mushroom, Meat, Vegetable, Fruit 
  • Salad(Vegetable Salad) – Fruit+Vegetable 
  • Mushroom Noodles – Flour + Mushroom 
  • Honey Croissant – Flour+Honey 
  • Milky Croissant – Flour + Milk 
  • Spaghetti – You get this recipe from Tex in camp. Flour/Vegetable/Meat/Fruit 
  • Vegetable Cake – Flour and Vegetable 
  • Honey Pouring Mushroom – Honey+Mushroom 
  • Portuguese Egg Tarts – Honey+Flour+Milk

Mobility Buff (Increase In Speed / Movement)

  • Strawberry Yogurt Ice – Honey+Ice+Milk+Strawberry 
  • Fruit Cake – You get this recipe from Tex in camp. Honey/Flour/Milk/Fruit 
  • Toffee Recipe – Honey+Milk 
  • Strawberry Jelly – You get this recipe from Tex in camp. Milk+Ice Cube+2 Strawberry 
  • Body Warming – Cold, Temperature 
  • Beeswax Water – Honey/Ice Cube/Ice Cube/Ice Cube 
  • Hot Water – 4 Ice Cubes 
  • Cream Soup – Milk/Meat/Vegetable 
  • Milk Pudding – Ice Cube/Honey/Milk Drop 
  • Fruit Smoothie – Ice Cube/Honey/Fruit/Fruit 
  • Beet Porridge – Honey+Vegetable 
  • Fruity Bar Ice – Ice Cube+Ice Cube+Ice Cube + Fruit 
  • Hot Milk – 4 Milk Packs 
  • Dumplings – Meat/Mushroom/Flour

LifeAfter Recipes (Best For The Maps)

See, there are loads of recipes that you can cook. But, it’s better to take the right recipe for each map. Here’s the example: –
  • In cold locations, better go with hot water & hot milk(Hot recipes) 
  • Grinding – Grinding for the resources take time. If you want to do it fast, it’s better to eat recipes, which can increase CRIT rate 
  • PvP – Grilled Lobster is the best one(Lobster drop rate is quite low though)

Food Recipes – June Update

There are some more new recipes have arrived in LifeAfter game. And the new update also added some new resources, which you can use to learn these food recipes: –
  • Golden Corn Fritter – 2*Corn+2*Honey 
  • Milky Corn Pudding – 2*Corn+2*Milk 
  • Corn-Pumpkin Porridge – 3*Corn+1*Pumpkin 
  • Boiled Corn with Chili Sauce – 2*Corn+2*Pepper 
  • Egg Yolk and Corn Cookie – 1*Corn+1*Egg*+1*Flour*1Fruit 
  • Corn Sponge Cake – 1*Flour+1*Corn+2*Fruits 
  • Golden Corn Cake – 1*Carrot+2Corn*+1*Egg 
  • Grilled Corn – 4*Corn 
  • Corn and Mincemeat – 2*Corn+2*Carrots 
  • Coconut Corn Soup – 2*Corn+2Coconuts 
  • Grilled Sunfish – 4 Bluegill Sunfish 
  • Grilled Weever – 4 Striped Weever 
  • Grilled – 4 Rainbow Trout 

Event Recipes

So there was an update (6-6-19) and it challenges you to figure out all the event recipes. Let’s check it out!
  • Supreme Meat Rice Dumplings (1* Sticky Rice, 1* Ham, 1* Pork Belly, 1* Shrimp) 
  • Supreme Sweet Rice Dumplings (1* Sticky Rice, 1*Mung Bean, 1* Chestnut, 1* Shiitake) 
  • Mung Bean & Meat(2* Sticky Rice, 1* Mung Bean, 1* Pork Belly) 
  • Shiitake & Ham(2* Sticky Rice, 1* Shiitake, 1* Ham) 
  • Chestnut & Meat(2* Sticky Rice, 1* Chestnut, 1* Pork Belly) 
  • Shiitake & Shrimp(2* Sticky Rice, 1* Shiitake, 1* Shrimp) 
  • Chestnut & Shrimp(2* Sticky Rice, 1* Chestnut, 1* Shrimp) 
  • Mung Bean & Ham(2* Sticky Rice, 1* Mung Bean, 1* Ham) 
Now, how do you get these ingredients? During the event, when gathering the RSS, fishing, killing the infected, there is a chance of getting a lunchbox. From this lunchbox, you can get these ingredients; Mushrooms, Mung Beans, Chestnuts, Ham, Pork Belly, Shrimp, Sticky Rice. Use the oven or household grill to cook the recipe. If you have any question, ask in the comment section below!

So these are the LifeAfter Food Recipes that we know and have shared with you. If you know more food recipes, please share the comment below. We have not tried the eggs in these experiments as the duck/chicken/goose unlocks at Camp Electric level. And, it just comes out. We will update this post with more recipes if possible. Also, don’t forget to read our other LifeAfter posts on this site. Use the search box and type LifeAfter. That’s it!